Oddly >.<

I talk to alot of guys on the internet more then i should. I realize I only do it for the attention because i have none i dont get any at all >.>. i suppose i do this because of the pressure of being me a teenage girl in the type of family i have. i feel that i have to do something at a certain time or ill be left behind. My sister has had quite a few boys after her... i feel that if i cant do that too im not perfect enough.. i always look to her and her actions.. if she didnt do it i wont feel right. if i havent done it i dont feel perfect ... haha wow im pathetic :P. This seems to be more venting then anything but guess thats why its in other isnt it :P

A Teenage Girl

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  • I would join the Illuminati to win $10million or say even $50million or more in a lottery or several lotteries and I would be happy to blood sacrifice my cousins and all the people who bullied me no worries in return for fame and fortune and great health and a long life. for sure.

  • Im a guy and i mostly talk to girls online.

    getting a lot of boyfriends is nothing to brag about. It means she couldnt last in a relationship very long so she had to keep getting another.

  • A teenage girl filled with angst, confusion and self-doubt. Believe it or not, you are like most teen girls. Just be careful about what you say or do with guys online. They most often are not what they appear to be.

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