Black guys wants baby with white girl

I am 46 with 2 graduate degrees.I have been married and divorced 3 times.I have a girlfriend now and we have 2 young kids.I also have two older ones from a previous marriage whom I raised as a single parent.All those relationships have been with black women.

My current relationship is dull and shakey.For a while now,I have been longing to have a baby or two with a white girl,espeially one who is well educated.

Although I have dated white women,I have never thought of having a baby with one till the last few years.That thought is bugging me so much that I may have to do something about it soon:)

The only stipulation is that if her and I did not live together,she has to be self supporting and not ask me for child support.

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  • Don't care if my wife has black baby but am ok with her having anothers baby if she decides , white or black as long as it is another mans baby for me top be dad to.

  • Why is that okay? What? You don't have the stones or something? That's messed up man. Don't matter what race the guys are,their having your wife man. Come on!

  • Maybe you should focus on your kids and not a white woman. To many kids. As for your shakey relationship, you and her really need to talk.

  • ^THIS. Especially the second sentence. Dafuq is it with dudes wanting to spray their seed all over the place? You know you have no interest in anything besides misplaced pride in getting some drunk chick preggo. What deficiencies are you trying to make up for?

  • You are mentally week. the origin of the word N***** came about during slavery. It was meant to Demean blacks because they were physically week or sick (The country of Niger was noted for that - that's why N*****) that was wrong and demeaning to the people who used it. however, you have a week character (King believed people should be judged by their character - he was & is right) so guess what that makes you?? so traditionally speaking, you are a N***** and should hang yourself from the nearest tree

  • You don't sound all that educated to me. You need spell check by the way.

  • I know right. Person above yep. Spell check.

  • I wonder if this black guy got to have a baby with his dream white woman.I am married white woman who would love to help him out no strings attached.

  • Another one that's a waste. As was before, FORSAKEN ALL OTHERS! Dumb a$$.

  • Hi married woman! No I never got my dream to c** true yet. I sure would like to get with you and make this happen.I will be very delighted and hope you see this reply some day soon.I hope you have not changed your mind:)

  • No! You never got the dream. Thank God.

  • What dream would that be? Married hu. Remember this, Forsaken all others

  • Yes my wife would help with that if you need a white woman
    just say and will help you

  • I need a white woman

  • Shut up.

  • Are you for real?I sure would appreciate her help:)

  • Are you trolling? Do you realize that you are perpetuating the stereotype of the narcissitic U.S. black man? You want to donate sperm to a white woman for the sole purpose of seeing what your cupcake looks like when it comes out of the oven? You don't want to pay for the gas/electricity for the oven, wash the dishes used for cooking, sweep the floor, or help take the time to properly ice the sweet. All you want to do is swing by a white woman's house with a cup of sugar so that you can drop in 10-18 years later for "your" friggen cupcake? Guess what, educated "white" women would be wise enough to avoid sperm donors who present such a narcisstic predisposition. Yes, a high level of narcissism is a predisposition which may be detected by fmris. Check it out! This evidence just popped up just last week. Narcissists have issues with empathizing. This does not make for good genetics due your own offspring lacking the ability to properly take care of their own children's needs first. Narcissism only works for the adult narcissist. Eventually, it disrupts the legacy somewhere down the line. Empathy is a required trait to raise HEALTHY and STABLE children. Narcissists leech, be it emotionally or financially, off of non-narcissists. It sounds like you want to have a child with a white woman to fulfill some emotional deficit probably buried below where self-hatred and racism lurks. Asenine request! *signed* "Educated White Woman in both Natural Sciences and Liberal Arts"

  • Even with educated telepathic powers,diagnosing a hypothetical patient, sight unseen, or from a far is a crime not favored by medical ethics.
    As an undergraduate student,I was required to take a class that asked and sought to answer a very important question about life:What is an educated person?

  • A person who knows the difference between right and wrong.

  • Get a white woman from London not America. Britain has the highest mixed race population in the world. America is full of racist albino honkies

  • Honkies. What a d**khead. Go U.S.A.

  • Yeah. To bad. What happened to England?

  • Lol, I dont know my way around britain

  • Best wishes

  • White women only get the picture years later, when they are forced to carry these nasty looking oreo babies around everywhere they go. These half and half kids become a cancer hanging off of your side. Society is forced to reckon with these ugly kids. I know a blackish white person and she never fits in anywhere. whites know she isnt white and don't accept her that much, blacks dont really accept her either. weird I know, even for todays progressive world.

  • When you get to heaven, file your complaint. "these nasty looking oreo babies" these ugly kids" Make sure you do it BEFORE they let you in the gate. On earth, make sure you tell it to wealthy light-skinned and brown skinned men BEFORE they fall in love will you. Good things will happen for us. Those that are forced to carry babies should report it to a rape counselor and give it up for adoption. If it's not rape, no... It must be. #useprotection. Stop having s** with anyone you detest. #closeyourlegs #onlyhavesexwithwhiteguys. But since decent purebred, honest, hardworking, articulate, tax paying and the only race who has a right to call themselves AMERICAN, white women don't have s** with black people (it's against their god), we don't need to worry about this scenario at all. All is good.

  • No. No. No. When he gets to heaven, he'll love everyone. All that hate will just burn away. He won't think of ugly kids,or oreo babies. He'll be free from all that.

  • You are a typical black idiot! spreading your sperm around and don't want to pay the price for it. Not all blacks are as stupid as you though ( I am not black btw). BTW, just so you know, black and white babies are the most seriously ugliest type of beings. I truely feel sorry for them. They have fair skin, big over the top features, and lightned p**** hair on their heads. Very sad, very s*****! All Mamma had to do was use a condom and the science experiment gone wrong would not have occured. I can't believe how f'kd up the world is today! I am probably the youngest person on this chat. SO I'll get out of here now, but please people, use a condom, both black and white so that more mistakes or science projects don't have to be born into this already f'kd up world!!!

  • Shouldn't say anything about any babies being ugly because of race,not cool.

  • Thanks so much for saying that I am ugly, you POS. I'd rather be an "oreo" than a slab of deep fried white lard like you.

  • Ass.

  • Hold it now. Easy there pal. Name calling. Come on man. Chill it.

  • You want someone like me, a well eduated white girl, to have your babies but get no financial or emotional support from you? Sounds just AWESOME, show me where to sign up.

  • Well said. Thank you.

  • By the way though sarcastic,I adore your reasoning and professionalism.You were kind to me and thank you:)

  • Sorry no ..... line to sign!
    But think about this,there are good women out there,financially and emmotionally secure enough that they want a baby and a sperm from an actually person;as opposed to a sperm bank.How about couples who would want to have a baby that way.It is possible.
    On the other hand,I have never been a dead-beat and have no plans to be.This kind of thing is different from what we may hear about in the news daily.Its sort of a mutual arrangement and understanding.Even what I just wrote here will have someone worked up.You watch:)

  • "Sperm from an actually person" Hopefully sperm from someone that looks like them. "Mutual arrangement and understanding ". Are you saying what I think your saying? No thanks.

  • BLACK F*****!

  • HONKIE B******

  • Either one of you above, not cool.

  • I know uh!
    I love haters,lol

  • As long as there's humans there will be haters.

  • 2 graduate degress and this is how you spell? Burger King and Wendy's aren't graduate degrees.

  • I confess am not a good speller today.Didn't know I was re-writing my thesis for professor anonymous:)

    I was hoping you would do a little better since you are critiquing- "degress" may not be the same thing as "degrees".

    I like eating at both Burger King n Wendy's by the way.No eating degree from there though!

    Thanks for noticing my spelling errors.Would you like me to use APA format here?

  • lol,i'll do you too if you are a girl:)
    Where can I find you?

  • It seems kind of risky to mme. I mean not to f*** you because I would do that just because I want to have s** with a black man. I am a girl and I'm 20 so it would be cool. I have f***** a lot of guys just because I love s** so much. You are older and I have found that older guys are usually better in bed. This is what I know about black men from talking to friends and stuff. They aren't always big c**** but some are really big. They f*** hard and I like that. And they like a bigger butt than most white men. My butt is a little big and I I wouldlove to f*** a black man. But hooking up with guys online hardly ever works out the way you hope so maybe I'll see you in a club or something.

  • If and when you marry,don't. You'll be used goods. No. Not rude. Just read above and see for yourself. She's 26 now. Wonder how used she is.

  • Sorry to hear that.

  • You live in what state if I may ask?

  • You express yourself well for your young age.Be careful though.Use all the protection you can(no HIV cure yet) so that you can live to your 40s and 90s. Be choosy;giving and receiving it from just anybody tends to be risky and may affect self esteem or self worth.A good butt or a big one is lovely any day or night:)

  • Yes! Good advice.

  • I don't want to have your baby but I'd f*** you. I've always wanted to f*** a black man.

  • I am so sorry. That's what you want.

  • Filthy low life slug race traitor

  • Guy above me,you got that right.

  • I know,child support is what stops me really.Wont be a problem if I didn't have the two little ones now.

  • wow, how d*** of you... if you want a baby be willing to pay the child support.

  • Think before talk black men are racist

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