Sorry mom

I use my moms vibrating toothbrush as a vibrator for my c******* and no its not beacuse i have some sick pleasure that its my moms, i dont have my own vibrating toothbrush and im too f****** lazy to buy one so I take hers in the shower with me (Which usually turns into a very long bath) and put it on my c*** hehe.

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  • me too

  • You should try using a cut wire.

  • If u r having a bath, position urself under the faucet and let the water run unto ur c***, just test the water to first, u don't want to burn yourself!!!! It doesn't take very long and u c** everytime!!!!

  • I am TOO fat.

  • that's funny.. i just posed a confession, confessing that i do that with my boyfriends toothbrush. do u reach o***** because i dont...

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