Coming Out Unintentionally

I had been going to my counsellor for some time now, I trusted him. I had told him about me being transgendered (Female to Male) and I thought he'd keep it to himself. But obviously, because of the title and the words leading up until now, you can tell I was wrong. I came home the day afterward to my mom sitting in the big arm chair saying "So, you would like to be a guy? Are you serious?" At that point, I started crying, because her tone was like daggers.

"Your sister went through this phase. You are too young to decide what is right for your body."

PHASE, YOUNG. I hate those words, I hate them so much.

My mom now acts as if it never happened. And once told me that if I get the surgery done I will get fat. Like h*** I will.

And, it turns out my (old) best friend has told people I'm a LESBIAN? I am not a lesbian. I hate everything right now. I want to tell my dad, cause, I tell him a lot.

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  • Want to be a guy ......... I'll swap bodies with you

  • If you are serious, find a therapist that specializes in transgender/gender identity to thoroughly discuss this. Your mom will come around..Surprising that a therapist would break the patient/counselor confidence.

  • agreed. it appears as though you are in fact young (in age - i understand wisdom beyond years) and because of that people assume you are hormonal and confused. you do need to find a specialist though (make the school pay for it - their counselor is horribly unqualified) and make sure that you are not acting "like a stupid little kid" and that this is something you are sure you want to do. i am horribly sorry that doctor/patient confidentiality was broken. that should never have happened. perhaps you should sue them =) talk to your new specialist about that lol

  • I'm so sorry. Its clear to me that the guidance counselor called your parents because she was concerned, not because she was a douche. And, its clear your mom is in a sort of denial. And that's okay (for now), learning your child wants to change gender IS a big deal, and it will take her time to come around. The fact that she didn't completely flip out is a good sign, in time she'll probably she that you're serious and become supportative. You've just got to give her some time. She does have one point though, if you are still in high school, maybe you are to young to transition genders. I am not suggesting you are going through a phase, but undergoing that transformation will be difficult, both physically and socially, so having the emotional maturity to deal with it is important. As as a high school kid, you may not be ready to deal with it yet. So give your mom, your friends, your family time to process this and know that it will get better.

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