Slept with over 300 women and counting

I am a decent guy.I have kids though not married now.I am educated,healthy and full of life.
By age 45 now,I have slept with around 350 women.Black,white,asian you name it.I have never slept with east indian or latina women,though I want to,they pay me no attention.
Some of these women have been single ,married, divorced,young(legal age),older,cute,ugly,good in bed,lousy in bed but all the same,I have had fun.
I was lucky not to get a serious disease like aids,syphllis,herpes or other much deadly one.I got chylamydia and gonorrhea and thank God they were treatable.
Some of the women got pregnant and had abortions.Two kept the kids and so I now have 4 kids,a number I always wanted.I always wonder how those aborted ones would have looked like or what they would have become.One abortion was from the mother of my older kids.They all had genuine excuses for the abortions.About 8 abortions in total.I may burn in h***.
I would sleep with a woman and months later,she would tell me she had a bad disease and could have s** no more with me.One acquired herpes,the other had HIV,others, I dont even know.
Some of these women were highly educated and had good jobs,husbands,cars,houses,minds,etc.Others were just losers,prostitutes,unemployed,desperate...I feel like a loser myself.
Sometimes I could get caught;especially when I was married or in a serious relationship.Other times I could get away with it.It seems like almost everywhere I went,a woman would want to have s** with me.
I met them at work,church,clubs,internet,friends houses,different countries and states;they were everywhere.I was studying oncein a church inside my high school on a sunday.There was nobody else.A woman walked in to pray.I started talking to her after she was done and in minutes,we were having s** on the long bench behind the pew.I never saw her again after that.
In my 20s and early 30s,I could hardly ask a woman out.They mostly approached me and that tuned me on.Some men had me have s** with their wives while they watched or participated.I am not sure how I got to do that.
I have had s** in hotels/motels,apartments,cars,offices,forests and bushes,on rocks,chuech,you name it.I had s** with a lady one time and after we were done,she brought out a baseball bat and had me use it on her.I was around 22 and she was maybe 40s-I was was so scared I never called her back again.
The sad thing is,I am not so sure,I really loved any of those women,I just cared for some,cared not for others.I am not even sure what love is.I am not a sexually addict,just enjoy s** and the thrill of it.Whenever s** slows down,I move on.
Now am older but am about to break up with my girlfriend and go have my own apartment.I know its going to start all over again.I cant seem to stay away from women in their 20s,they are just drawn to me and sometimes I have to run.My GF now is 26,no wonder we are breaking up.
Whenever we broke up,it was at times a happy event,sometimes a sad one.I always hated it when a woman cried because we broke up.
I am not braggng at all or showing off or anything like that.I just know that I have been lucky.Many of my friends and relatives have died from sexual disease.I have to be careful and pray hard.
If you met me,you will never guess that I have been doing all these.I don't even believe it myself.When my girlfriend now asks me how many women I have slept with,I tell her 5.I just dont want to scare her.I really like and respect women and work in a women dominated profession.Some of the women I slept with 20 years ago are still my friends.I even talk to my very first girlfriend.I never exploit,I feel everything has been done mutually.
Now I want just one good woman for love and s**.She never seems to come around.I am still hopeful:)

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  • I stopped counting at 2321. That was back in 1999. I have a wife now for 8 years. So faithful as a love bird.

  • I just pound em n quit talking. Simple process. They are useless to me after i wreck them.

  • Dude I just hit 300. I'm 26. I'm hoping to hit 8500 before I'm 55.

  • I wrote this almost 6 years ago and its still popular?

  • I met a guy who in ecery aspect seems to be wonderful. Yet, when he told me he has had s** with 300 women. I'm thankful for his honesty..yet, creeped out by it. And it may be the deal breaker for me. Just dont see how a person who disresoected themselves and others that much could truly warrent my respect or trust.

  • Could be. But people grow up and change. I slept with lots of women. I am performing artist and tour the world a lot. I never used or disrespected anyone. No meant no. Still does. But after many years, I slowed down. And finally found the person I want to be with. I am completely faithful to her. And she to me. She has only been with 2 men. I've been with many. I stopped counting years ago. But We've been together now for 12 years, 2 kids. And life is very good. I do warrant respect and trust. I have hers and she has mine. And we guard it. And cherish it an each other.

    I hope your situation works out for you. There is no easy answer. Only you can know what is right for you. You, at least, seem like someone worth of love and respect.
    I wish you peace and happiness.

  • Wow, I have no respect for people that cheat on their spouses.

  • you have perspective on everyone elses business f****** grow up

  • Some off the comments in here calling dude a scumbag and such is one-sided and ignorant. You heard dude say he was approached many times. Those of. You having an issue have no clue what it's like to be a secure object of desire except it's the case of an attractive women being the object off men's desire. Too hear from such a woman that she has been promiscuous I doubt the condemnation would be equivalent. Yes dude had choices, but come on, have some understanding of the man's challenges and don't hate cause you don't have a sliver of the same sexuality the man is describing.

  • Cumbag ...not scumbag lol

  • Wait, you've had s** with 350 women but not one latina. damn sucks to be you.

  • Good stuff, keep up the good work :)

  • U r a pathetic human bein, and yes my friend u r def burnin in h***, poor poor babies, be ashamed... what a MAN

  • update.I can never make relationships last.The last one i had for the last three years ended.We had to many problems and my ex has gone back to a former bf.They plan on getting married in 3 years and having a daughter together to add to the two sons we have. I wish her well.

  • I know someone like you. I slept with someone like you... He was pretty much open about how much of a pig he was. Thankfully, I never fell for him, never regretted it either. He's in his late 30's and I'm young 20's.

    As someone mentioned earlier- you may have been able to sleep with lots of women but having a real, serious, loving relationship is more legit. You may not be bragging, but I can tell- just from the typing that you're damn proud.

    Well here's news for you buddy and I'm not trying to be a b****. But you're not that great, yes you were able to get women, and lots of 'em, but at the end of the day. When that 40 year old with 3 kids dies- his wife, if he has one, and kids will bury him & be damn proud. Who's going to bury you and be proud?

  • Thats nothing to brag about. Getting laid is easy but being a real man and having a loving relationship that lasts and not sleeping around is more legitimate. Youre a huge scum bag prety much.

  • "Having" a loving relationship doesn't make you a man, although working to make one is part of it. You can't be a man for possession of something, definitely not a relationship with the wrong person. Making it work with someone just for the sake of making it work and not looking for better is for fools. Who'd want to be married to someone who's incompatible with you or makes you unhappy? Dumbest s*** I've ever heard. Oh, and being so unfortunate that he hasn't found the a good person to settle down with doesn't make him a scum bag, just makes him unfortunate.

  • Believe it starts with an inside job before finding the right one

  • I have sought a loving relationship and everytime I think I have the right one,it evaporates.Out of all the relationships I have had,I have managed to be married 4 times.My marriages are faily brief,the longest lasted around 8 years.
    I may sound like a scum bag but,I dont look it or act like it.I have no clue how I managed to accomplish such a feat.The internet, in the 90s, accelerated my numbers tremendously.
    Some men find and sleep with one woman,get married and stay with her their whole life-my parents included.I have no idea why that never happened to me.I am jealous of that and at my age,I am so concerned that I don't haave a stable loving relationship.I'm trying though!

  • You must be doing something wrong though. Ging after the wrong girls maybe?

  • For many years,I went after married women because they didn't bother me much.Then I figured one night stands were better.That is because most of the time I was married.
    It maybe that I have slept with so many women and learned so much that I don't have patience for a non-performing relationship.
    There is nothing I desire right now in life than a good relationship,good health and a good job/family.The relationship part has been tricky for me.

  • The statement of "no patience for non performing women" sounds very safe excuse.

  • Having lots of sport s** has nothing to do with's more about how well you are able to manipulate others. Which feeds ego and pride..and truly is just you running away from yourself expecting outside people, places, and things to sooth what you lack. Or fallicy you bought into about you. And fallicy that others are expected to bow down to your selfish wants and desires. There will always be a gnawing push with in you which ever the circumstances until the day you decide to sit still and work on your insides and denial.

  • I read of your quest to find a good woman to settle down with. Yet, I have a question of what do you truly have to offer a good woman? After the games, after the manipulation, beyond the malarkey...what true substance of you do you have?

  • Really, anyone can have mind blowing s**, or shallow physical contact, or eat chocolate ice cream in bed, or look for the next distractions..know you will only find as healthy as you are inside. And to take the chance to grow in that aspect takes true courage.

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