I have a crush on a dead person..it is driving me crazy!

I have a huge crush on King Ludwig II of Bavaria. It is has been going on for the better part of 10 years now. It's not that I want to have s** with his dead body or anything that would be just plain sick. It's just that I find him very attractive when I look at his pictures. In case you were wondering I am married with 2 kids. My husband has no idea. Everyone that I have told thinks I am weird but I don't see why. I mean I hear of people crushing on cartoon characters all the time. I just happen to find someone attractive that has been dead for the better part 150 years. I can't help but wish I could have met him. I am sooo ashamed of this but I can't help it.


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  • Me was I have a crush on dmitri shostakovich, I find him attractive and hot ( ´∀`)

  • I mean I have one on John F. Kennedy

  • I have a crush on garrett pope jr lmao
    help im too young

  • I have a crush on Ron Goldman...he was sexy and i wish he hadn't been murdered...horrible way to go... Where ever he is may he be at peace... I wish i could have met him

  • I have a crush on napoleon lololololololol he's hot

  • I am beginning to get a crush on two dead people. But they are the Columbine shooters

  • Same

  • Same, it's driving me crazy.

  • Don't worry, I have a crush on Alexander Hamilton similar to this. It's perfectly normal

  • Me too! Lol

  • I guess it is kinda weird, but as long as it isn't negatively impacting your life, I don't think it's bad. Crushes are illogical and they *happen*.

    I have a crush on someone deceased, too. Her name was Elisa Lam. She died a couple years ago under bizarre circumstances, which is how I "met" her in news articles reading about unexplained mysteries. She was really cute and pretty, and we seem to have a lot in common in our interests and feelings. I've been reading her blog and wishing I could talk to her. She seems kind and insightful and lonely.

    So yeah, I can't really criticize you. Lol.

  • Interesting. I am a grown adult male and I have had and continue to have small crushes on various historical figures. In fact, one of the more recent ones was of Ludwig's cousin, Empress Elisabeth of Austria.

  • I got the hots for Napoleon Bonaparte...he is the cutest litle man ever haha! And he's got such a cute face. Robespierre fascinates me too- gotta love "le Incorruptible"

  • WOW. I thought I was the only one attracted to historical guys. I have a huge thing for Robespierre, and Marquis de Lafayette. I'm really glad I'm not the only one!

  • You sound nice :)

  • Thank you I really appreciate that. I don't ever really think of who/what he was like. In my opinion he was a very misunderstood individual. :)

  • no reason to feel weird about this. In fact the first thought I had was that you are rather intelligent just from the fact that you know who he was..... and that makes you attractive and well rounded.

  • There's nothing weird. I have a crush on this Ukrainian girl who was a nurse in the resistance and was executed by the German army (not the SS, but the regular army) because she was helping wounded Russian/Soviet soldiers escape. It was sad. Really sad. It sounds dumb but I wish I could have rescued her.

  • Thank you for making me feel better:)

  • You just made my day.
    I guess you can't help it, but you have to admit, it is an amusing thought.
    Thanks for making me laugh today. :-)

  • Not weird at all :)

  • Gee thanks. I'm glad you find my shame amusing. Have a nice day.

  • Remember that those pictures made the king look nicer than he actually was. Look at Carlos II of Spain, he was an inbred idiot who couldn't have kids, but he looks kind of "Cute" in his paintings.

  • maybe you knew him in a past life

  • Hmmmm. Never thought of it that way. Guess I will never know. Thanks!

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