Larry raymond campbell 2

Im confessing that i was your bestfriend for 11 years told you everything trusted you allowed you in my life to such a level ill never allow anyone else i honestly truley cared about you and the sick thing is i know you still care about me to i know you still think of me and wonder well ill fill in the blanks for you did she love me...? yes will she ever forgive me...? no are we truly connected in such a way neither one of us understands....?yes and through all this ive realized i gat back with my husband and i love him dearly and it wasnt easy walking away from you but after a month went by i realized i havent cried guess what im past it you said you was not like every other guy and i believed you for awhile and the end i realized you were................. i have a MAN not a boy and unlike you he doesnt have to lie to earn my love i really hope that being with melissa makes you feel better even though youve told multiple people you hate her never had any feeling for her and the only reason why your with her is because of your son and the only reason why hes here is because you said you was getting old and was gonna off yourself afterwords i know she doesnt make you happy your selling yourself out and one of these days i hope you look back and realized i walked away from you and youll never understand how happy i coulda made you had you just been honest i loved you for who you were not anything your pretended to be

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  • I still love and miss you larry

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