When we argue my husband grabs my

When we argue my husband grabs my wrists and twists my arms. He pushes me into walls and pushes me down on the floor. He's left lots of bruises on my arms, neck, wrists, and legs. He's twisted my leg so hard I felt like it was going to break and was screaming in pain. Every time this happens I think I'm going to leave him. He tells me I deserved it for fighting with him about whatever the h*** it is we fought about it. I've never believed it. But I still stay and I don't understand why. I thought I was stronger than that. I love him so much though. I justify it by saying he's never hit me, slapped me, or punched me, I've never had to go to the hospital, never had a broken bone.
But it's only been two years. Doesn't this kind of thing just get worse and worse the longer I let it go on? How can I stop loving him so much and just be strong enough to leave? I wish I could do that, but I just can't yet..

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  • I know how you feel I once thought id this happened to me I would walk away . Just gets worse

  • So sorry I feel exactly the same way. Hope ur ok ;) u deserve better

  • Ask yourself this question, would you allow a roommate to argue with you forceably? No, when your lease was up, you'd probably get a new roommate. Therefore, the person you trust most, should treat you the best. Get the Bible app on your phone and read it daily pray and meditate, God will guide you, if you believe

  • I myself have recently left a similar situation. It didn't get better, and his resentment continued to grow. Arguments would last 3 hours with him holding me down, sitting on me, twisting my wrists and permanently damaging my middle finger. I too questioned my duties as a wife, should I leave. Ask yourself this question, if you had a room mate who argued forcefully with you, wouldn't you want to get a new room mate when your lease is up? Why do we find it acceptable for our husbands to do this to us when we would not allow anyone else to do this, not even our own children.
    Pray, get the bible app on your phone and read it several times a day. God will guide you.

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  • Do you have children? It didn't sound like it in your confession, but I would like to give you my point of view, as a child of an abusive relationship. My memories from child hood include watching my mother being beaten with a handheld vacuum, strangled with a telephone cord, and kicked while already down on the ground. She once had her nose broken, and I have still never seen that much blood. The police would always come, and my mom never pressed charges, so when she would go to the jail to pisk him up, my sister and I hid all the knives, and other sharp objects. One of us always slept on the couch outside her bedroom, with the phone in hand. I was never abused (physically) by him, but to this day, I cannot have a healthy relationship. None of my boyfriends have ever beat me, but I justify other messed up stuff, by thinking, at least he doesn't hit me. Oh and by the way, in the begining, it started as a slap upside the head, or a pinch or flick. And it always escalates in time. If you still have an idea that this is WRONG, you are still capable of saving yourself. Get out while you still can.

  • Your are better then that really.Have some respect for yourself & leave that pathetic a******

  • Leave him. But only after you kick him in the nuts, and then when he hits the floor, kick him in the head and stomach a few times. Kick the s*** out that loser m*********** - why are you still with him?

  • Get out! It's only a matter of time before it will be much much worse and more violent. These abusive relationships don't improve with age.

  • Abuse is something that comes from a deep rooted insecurity within the person carrying it out. It has nothing to do with you, and you will never be able to control it, no matter how nice or obedient you are. If he ever gets over it, it will take years. You do not want to have to suffer the escalating violence in the meantime. You're worth a lot more than he thinks, and he's worth a lot less than you think. Love is strong, but women end up dead all the time.

    In my own family, an in-law married a man who started abusing her shortly after they got married. Abusive men can become very delusional, and in this instance, the husband began force feeding my in-law all kinds of fattening food and did not allow her to leave the house. The goal was to make my in-law gain so much weight that she would not be attractive to anyone else. All the while, he was breaking crystal menageries, shattering her college diplomas, and hitting her all over her body.

    I'm telling you, this is not your problem to deal with. It's his. And when you leave, don't let him convince you he's changed. Tell him that if he's lucky, you'll talk in five years and see if he's gotten anywhere.

  • Seek Jesus

  • Has anyone ever heard of therapy or medication working for someone like this? I really don't want to end my marriage. I know it's sounds pathetic, but I do love him and even as much of a mess as he is, I know he loves me.
    I want to find a way to get help for both of us, I really do.

  • Hey .. My Husband also always hit me if we argue. I am from Asia, married with american man. I got shocked culture and trauma past childhood include violence from Husband. I dunno what i can do .. people around me always say "patient" .. i am trying ... but so difficult, because hurt my feeling. After married i always cry, no happiness like before. I also love him, but dunno what i can do. Sometime, because so much pressure, then i will hit him, then we together will hit each other, of course my husband will win... he will stop hit me if i run to street and give him and my self space to breath. anyway the point is, if u can dissolve ur problem, pls let me know .. i think so many women like us out there.

  • It's not just going to get better.... and will most likely get worse.
    what will it take for you to leave? a broken bone or the hospital?
    The guy has a problem! You need to realize that and stand up for yourself. Tell your friends and his family! Don't suffer in silence...

  • Please, please please leave him immediately. I don't want something to happen to you because you were too irrational to leave before it was too late.

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