I fantssise about being hung by my wrists and whipped

Sometimes when I am stressed, I lie in bed at night and fantasise that I am hung up by my wrists and whipped. In the fantasy I am screaming out in pain from the hanging and then they start to whip me. Not hard as to tear skin but painful. I'm begging and pleading and crying all at the same time. Tears running down my cheeks.

Sometimes the fantasy involves being kidnapped and sometimes it's consensual and I stand on a box and put my hands up and they are tied and then the box is pulled out and the pain hits. sometimes I wet myself when I am screaming from the pain. Sometimes I am naked and sometimes I am clothed and sometimes they cut the clothes off me. All sorts of different versions.

I don't know how it ends. It's always the beginning and the whipping and the fantasy about the pain. In my shoulders and sides and arms. That's before they whip me.

A few times when I have been in the park, I will hang by my hands from the swing set or some other piece playground equipment but usually I can't even last a minute before I have to let go because my arms hurt. Yet I still have this fantasy even though I know it will be excruciating.

How dumb and weird is that.

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  • This is a typical masochistic fantasy which I have sometimes, too. In my fantasy I am kidnapped, bound and gagged, and then driven to a dark warehouse where I am interrogated for information. When I refuse to talk, my kidnappers gag me again, hang me by my wrists, and work me over with a bullwhip!

  • This not dumb at all I love this.

  • You should seek mental help or just put in ad on a site and live it out.

  • K1k me and Ill write you a story captain.harlock

  • I would wrap a rope from your elbow to your wrist shabari style, so there was plenty to hold you and then pass the remainder over a beam or branch and tie it off then take the box out from under you. I would use whips, canes, crops, rullers even rubber bands to ping against your skin, maybe even a electric shock wand. Spreader bars and cuffs would be good to hold you legs open if it were to turn sexual.

  • That is not weird at all! It's actually pretty common. It's a hot fantasy in my opinion. I have the same type of fantasies but mine involve tickling and no pain.

  • I would love to tie you up like that and make it real x

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