Am I weird?

The other night I went to see Bridesmaids with my mom. As we were sitting there waiting for the previews, I notice this chick get wheeled in in a wheelchair. Her gal pal forgot something, I guess and left her sitting in the aisle for a minute. I'm eyeing, trying to figure out what her deal is. She didn't have any casts, so I figured it wasn't a broken bone. Visually she looked fine, in fact, she was pretty hot, so I wrote out any severe birth defects like Down's. Her legs looked healthy, so I doubted she was completely paralyzed from the waist down. I grew more befuddles. Her friend came back, moved her into the wheelchair section and sat beside her. They were talking for a little bit, and she seemed to be completely normal.

BUt then she reached for her drink. Having been a huge Josh Blue fan, I could tell from the way her arm moved, in all likelyhood she had cerebral palsy. And I think, somehow, in that moment, she became more attractive, and I don't know why. As best as I can figure out,
A: Their was this chick I had a crush on who had the really mild form of it, and it might be some sort of transitive thing.
B: I've always fancied myself the provider, and no matter how handicapable she is, there would be things she could not do that I could. I hate doing nice things for people, no string attached, and they interpret it as some sort of superiority thing.

Ever since I have been checking through facebook, googling, and checking handicapped dating sites trying to find this girl. I need a girl, and I love her to be the one.

Also, my verification code is EZPC, so this post is easily politically correct, so no hatin'.

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  • Stick it in her,and let her siezure all over your D i c k !!!
    Then give her


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