A Missed Opportunity

To state, I'm in 8th grade. This is about my 7th grade year. There was a girl there (By the way, I'm a guy) who we can call Sarah. Due to the fact that we shared almost all of our classes, those being Science, Social Studies, Math, and Language Arts and English. Aside from a rotating schedule for the "specialty classes", those being Art, Music, ect. Gym periods are split into the guys and the girls. Now, the reason we shared most of these classes was that we were both in the gifted programs, Math and English. Many of the people in the gifted classes did the same. And the rest of the classes just fit in. I am considered to be a good writer. Go figure. However, I'm lousy at math and am in the gifted program due to drilling it into my brain. I hate it. My twin brother, fraternal, is exactly the opposite, great in math, not so great in English. So in turn, I didn't like science that much, despite the fact that I'm very good at it. Odd eh? The first reason I liked Sarah was because she was extremely smart, but not just smart, laid back about it, and she had a relaxing personality. As in, one of those people who just sort of brightened up the people around her. Now there are other things, but I'm running long as it is so I'll continue. Now of course there were physical attractions. She was an athlete. Played... God, umm, a lot actually. She played Field Hockey, Basketball, Long Distance running in track, and I think Soccer. Now, she wasn't the star of all of these sports, but she was obviously good enough to make it into almost all of the girls sports. She was skinny with a face that was not pale, but could probably use a better tan. She had freckles and blonde hair, which she often wore in a ponytail. She had very small b******, and a small ass. So some guys may not have really noticed her, but she was cute. Maybe I was the only person to actually like her appearance but, whatever. But this my "missed opportunity" wasn't what you may think. I never had the intention to ask her out. Why not? Well, I don't know, I didn't need to ask her out just to know her. And I don't even know if I was ever in "love" with her. I know, I know, "Just wait until your older to learn about love." That wasn't my opportunity either. I just wanted to... well, be her friend more or less. Being around her brightened my day, and I was to an extent, jealous of her academic and athletic abilities that it fascinated me that she still kept a humble personality. But really, I don't know, its hard to explain, (again, probably not love) it was just very nice to talk to her, and to be around her. But I f***** up. I decided to not really ever initiate conversations, or ever associate myself with her because I decided to be shy. Ironic, I'm not typically shy, but... I can't explain. I screwed up. And now I'm in a different school and it's time to move on, so I thought the best way to help put away the regret is to post it here. And damn. This post was 572 words long.

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  • There's just something about her you like. Find her on facebook and add her as a "friend". You never know.

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