I don't know what to do

There's a guy. He's hilarious, an a******, he ruins my day, makes my day, makes me feel awful, makes me feel special, confuses me, I hate him. But he's all I want. And I can't stop thinking about him. I have no self confidence. He acts like he likes me, but he acts like this to other girls too who he tells me he hates. And I know he really doesn't like them. He tells me I'm pretty, but I always feel as if he's making fun of me. He grabs me and hugs me. Then other times he'll just push me over. He stares at me, but then says something mean jokingly. But I just don't take it as a joke. I Want him to be mine. But I don't to be his. I can't stop thinking about him. Please help.

May 22, 2011

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  • Hot n' Cold, there is even a song about it. So here are few of the possibilities that could be going on.

    1) He has a girlfriend/or boyfriend that you don't know about.
    2) He doesn't want a girlfriend/or boyfriend right now.

    The last two covered cheater,confused guy, confused gay guy, or just a player.

    Lets move on...

    3) Usually it's not this: SHY GUY who likes you. Unless the shyness stems out of something else, it's not this. Reason being, because even this guy knows that when there is a GREEN LIGHT, he should take it. (Of course, that's if he likes you)

    Which brings me to the last of the most common...

    4) This one hurts to accept, but it could be that "he is just not that into you". Not to worried, nothing is set on stone. Especially since he has shown some interest. When this is the situation you can be bold and go for it. If he is a chaser, this might lead to a one time thing --if at all. But if you are willing to accept that harsh possibility then do as you please. Again, only if you are willing to accept reality.

    Your other option is to attract him enough for him to go for the full chase, instead of giving you the half-ass hipster version he has giving you. Be unavoidably sexy yet unattainable.

    Remember you can only wait for so long for a fish to chase after your bait, after a while you have look to elsewhere. It's OK if that's case, it wasn't worth it. I mean, who wants a flimsy and indecisive fish anyway! It might give you indigestion.

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