I like pancakes,
i like pancakes,
they make me happy,
happy peter,
lala la la, lalala :)
(hope that brightened ur day a bit.)



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  • replace the word "Pancakes" with "P****"

    Now I'm on board. Yay! Yay! Happy Jonas!

  • This honestly just made my day:) Ignore the haters keep being you:)
    and p.s
    I like Waffles:)

  • Woah. I usually come on this website to help give advice to people who are struggling and to reassure myself that im not the only one in the world with problems, but to know that there is a person out there who likes such an exotic and uncommon breakfest food gives me a much much better feeling.

    i know you're trying to be happy and s***, but go to mylife is instead or something...

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