So this is it!

June 4th, our anniversary. Waiting for a court date. Our divorce set in motion. I look at pictures, I remember old times, good ones, bad ones. I cry, I'm angry and hurt. I hate the tears. Makes me wonder if I still could love you. I worry about you but your a big boy. You can outspend me in legal fees remember?
It just got bad from the day we married. Our kids suffered. I made the choice and left with mine.Take care of you and yours. I know heart do mend. Just thought of you today and so here I am.

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  • i am going through similar feelings. The weird thing is that sometimes i feel just fine, while other times I start crying. I don't cry because I want him back, but probably for the same reasons you are feeling. It's a combination of anger, regrets, confusion over it's meaning and worth of an experience, and the question " of what now?". It's not easy, but it's possible; as you said, hearts do mend.

  • Stop thinking of him. You said it was bad from the start and the only way it gets better is to move on to better things.

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