Love like cancer

Im married but madly in love with someone else (a friend). ive stopped talking to the other guy to try to cut this out of me and my heart but its been a couple of months now and it wont go away, it only gets worse. i know i could never be happy if i left or betrayed my husband so i just feel stuck here. i love my husband so much but h*** never satisfy me in certain ways and im in love with someone who can but the only way i could be with him would be for me to rip out pieces of myself that i cant really live without either. i feel like ill never be happy no matter what.

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  • I personally don't believe in this quote, but it might help you.

    "If you love two people at the same time, choose the second one, because if you really loved the first one you wouldn’t have fallen for the second one." --Johnny Depp (allegedly said this)

  • thanks, i appreciate it. i dont not believe it but life and love are complicated. i dont love my husband the way i love my friend, i never did. but then again i dont love my friend the way i love my husband. it sucks. thank you for commenting, i appreciate it.

  • I believe that one can be in love with more than one person because our heart, unlike our mind, doesn't know restrictions. I also believe that one can married the right person, yet have a soul mate somewhere else. Which is perfectly fine to have, as long as both of these relationships are not in competition and can co-exist. E.g best friend soul mate and best husband partner.

    Whatever your case me be (which I think is more of a romantic love than loving soul mate kind), you'll still need to further explore if pursuing these feelings for your friend are worth losing what you have with your husband. Because really, that is what all eventually comes down to. I know is not the ideal, but reality seldom is. I really hope you find the right decision for you.

  • thank you for your kind words. i stopped talking to my friend but it hurts terribly to lose that kind of relationship. but i dont want to lose my husband and if that is the wrong decision in the end at least ill know i tried to do the right thing. thanks again, i appreciate your comment.

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