My girlfriend puts me down

My girlfriend is around 20 years younger than me and we have kids together.Our relationship of 3 years is dying fast.She always insists that when she says mean things to me,I should just take it like a man and say nothing.Lately,I dish the same s*** back on her.
She says to me such things as;

-you are stupid,retarted and old and am only 26 and smart
-your mother should not have given birth to you;you should have been one of her periods
-you have nothing
-you are educated but no job
-you dress ugly(she buys most of my clothes)
-you cant drink beer in this house
-you dont know how to please a woman
-i dont want an std from you,you are contaminated
-no woman wants to marry you
-i never wanted kids from you
-you must be sleeping with your daughters
-i will retire by the time I am your age
-i am not your maid
-i dont want to share the master bathroom with you
-you raped me
-this food is for the kids
-if i find you dying on the side of the street,i'll walk by and let you die
-i just wanted to use you but got pregnant
The list is endless.So,I have decided to leave her.I applied for my own apt today and if I get it,I will be the happiest man in the universe.

Jun 2, 2011

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  • Pack your bags and leave the bitter b****

  • We finally broke up.She tricked me into taking the kids to our native country to live with her relatives so we can do some schooling,earn better and work on our relationship.I left with the kids and met up with me later.
    I left her back there for three weeks.While there,she hooked up with an ex boyfriend who she claims knows and understands her better.They plan on getting married in 3 years.
    She was planning to live with me as s roommate till she marries this guy and I said no.Now we have been living apart for about a week and am getting used to my new status. I am praying daily that I don't get back with her.
    Thanks for the encouragements and the well wishes.

  • I really admire your concern and thanks for wishing me well. I have decided to move because i live in a very hostile and explosive environment. These days,I get very anxcious when we are both at home.I come in and out all day long when she is at home or leave for hours when she is not working.
    I suspect she has multiple personalities and may even be bipolar and many other things.I have tried nicely asking her about her childhook and s** abuse but she avoids the subject.Lately she hinted in a text message that it happened.A few hour later she recanted.
    Her and my first wife act extremely alike and they are the only two women I have kids by.My first wife was sexually abused as a kid and am not sure how I landed two women with possibly similar backgrounds and who are unapologetically mean to me.At a very early age,I got full custody of my daughters who are in their early 20s now and their mom is still mean to me today.
    Sometimes I feel so sad for myself but I am still keeping on.There are millions of people in worse situation than mine.

  • She sounds like she's terribly unhappy and you're the punching bag. Does she have a mental illness? Seriously..does she? You would be best to seek a lawyer and gain physical and primary custody of your child and break things off with her. Her verbal tirades (if you can get on tape) can be evidence of verbal abuse..that maybe too mean. Not sure. You're not married which sounds like a blessing. Get out now. Don't waste anymore of your time with her.

  • I strongly suspect that she has some sort of mental problem. She is always nice one day and really mean the next,very unpredictable.I have no real proof but there are hints of childhood s** abuse but she never really talks about them.She has had no parents since she was 1 year old. We have joint custody of the kids now.Late last month,I suspected she had harmed one of the kids while I was away but,I could not get her to explain to me how the boy got hurt;she refused outright.I just let it slide for now because she took him to the doctor for xrays.

  • The unpredictability sounds like the illness talking. If she was sexually abused, she could be bipolar or even have multiple personalities just so she can cope. Even the state of the relationship and the kids could be stressing her out even more. Encourage her to talk with someone. Of course, don't tell her she's crazy. But that if she's not happy...Good that you have joint custody. Just be sure those kids are your number one concern. If the doctor suspected abuse, or if this child has other bruises..he would be obligated to report her. It's really a sad situation. Good luck.

  • She's stupid.

  • A mutual old friend who has known the girl since we met, 3 years back, told me this yesterday."That girl is so young and stupid that she's gonna put you in legal trouble, or personal danger, that you will never get out of it.You just need to run and see your kids whenever she allows you to". Whenever we break up,she comes and camps outside my apartment and knocks till I let her in.She has no remorse or shame.One day she slept in the car parking lot with the baby waiting for me to come home;I had parked somewhere else and used a different door to get into my apartment.She really enjoys putting me down and it hurts me badly.

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