I am a compulsive gambler

I really need to get something off my chest. I recently moved back to my home state from Las Vegas because while living there, I developed a serious gambling addiction. Gambling is not legal in my home state so moving back was a way to get out of the casinos and reconnect with family and try to live a "normai" life. It worked for about a year and then I discovered "gamerooms" all over town. They are basically illegal places with slot machines that advertise "no cash payouts" but you really do get cash. It wasn't so bad at first because the games are kinda lame and you don't win much at all.

Anyway, it has gotten progressively worse and I am extremely depressed and suicidal at times. I've lost a lot of money recently and the biggest part of it is that I work for my family's business and have access to a lot of money. I write checks to myself from my company and have taken nearly $30,000 in less than a year and blew it all gambling. I've lost it in casinos in a nearby state or in the gamerooms or playing "charity" bingo. It's really getting the best of me because it's my family that I work for that will suffer also. My mom is the only person that knows about it and she also works for our business. I feel awful that I've put her in this position. I really want to get help but just don't know how.

Please don't comment if you're going to be rude or obnoxious, I really do need advice and help, thank you.


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  • Don't think that you're going to get even. Just cut your losses now and consider what you're going to lose if you do gamble again.

    I understand how difficult it can be to stop. You think that you just need to get the ball rolling. But consider your family. Think about the money you're gambling in terms of what it can buy instead of just chips.

    Good luck.

  • At least you admit that you have a problem. It's a compulsion like any other compulsion, and you need help to stop. Gambling can lead you (and others) to financial ruin or criminal activity. Admitting it is a huge first step, you should be proud. Now your next difficult step is to actually getting the help you need. There are several resources online to help with gambling addictions, take a look. Maybe see a local Gambling Anonymous group to start. But you have to want to stop and make the change. Money can be repaid after time..you can get your life back. And suicide is not the answer.

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