I cut myself, i am depressed, i am in highschool, never had a boyfriend, only one guy has asked me out. i am borderline anorexic, and life is just s***.

Jun 6, 2011

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  • What type of knive hav u got sports shops hav great sharp knives

  • im depressed, my mom died this year, no boy has ever asked me out, im fat. I suck.

    Join the club.

  • I Never had a boyfriend yet either and i'm a junior also.
    I don't eat very well either, but you need to find something that you enjoy doing! Even though you're already awesome, I guarantee you'll start to feel better! I mean I know this might be weird but I got interested in anime, and asian dramas? I just fell in love with the culture, and everything about them. You just need to find something that you want to do, something that interests you, that makes you instantly forget your troubles. It will make your life more interesting. \(>.^)/

  • First off all quit with the cutting. That's not gonna make you feel or look anymore attractive. Plus, it's harmful to your body. Second, eat. Don't starve to death or overly work out. Be a healthy weight. Ask or talk to your doctor if your one of those people wo don't gain weight easily or regularly. Ok this guy situation, try wearing some make up if that helps you. Or do your hair a different way every once && a while? (: Dressup nicely whenever you go out && flirt with guys. Depression is common. Just finds ways to make yourself happy with out any harm to yourself spiritually or health related. Hobbies are good passtimes they give you a chance to look foward to. Stay healthy && happy. And know I love you (be happy)

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