I feel sorry for Kavanaugh

Highschool. She festers on what happened in high school and waits to bring him down. I do not see why this should be. Even if it did happen so what. I have no sympathy for her.

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  • Kavanaugh is a good guy. He'll pull through all of the leftist screeching and whining. Leftists always lie.

  • I agree. If it didn't bother her enough in 1982 to report it, what changed? I'll tell you what changed: his profile. If she'd told somebody in 1982, nobody would have given a s*** because he was a nobody, too. But today, she gets to be the sympathetic figure, the victim, the popular girl, everything a person like her craves, but has never had and would never get. And doing this? It's all free! FREE! Doesn't cost a thing! Everything she ever wanted, and it doesn't cost a thing! Well, except for his reputation. And his life's pursuits. She should be ashamed of herself. She never will be, naturally, but she should.

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