Ok hands up im a sick pervert

To being a massive sick pervert. im really interested in dirty sexaual acts the dirtyer the better.

When i read about women being raped i get so turned on this includes watching rape scence on tv anything. i fantasize about raping women and just abusing the crap out of them. i even got the urge to bite this hot girl on the bus once.

im fascinated at how women can f*** anamals and would love to watch a dog/horse f*** some one in person. dont know why its just taboo so i find it such a turn on.

luckly i have never acked on anything and dont want to but im worryed one day i will. some times i find my self activly looking for people, stories, pics and videos that reflect my fantisies. im also so obsesed with getting rude pics and videos of people i know or anyone doing sick dirty stufflike f****** dog stuff like that. im talking about real amature stuff thats not floting around on the internet.

well this is my confession

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  • The rape thing is fairly common, as long as you don't act on it. Have to admit, when one of my hot, female business friends told me about a guy who visited her office (she works alone) backing her into her file room and blocking the door so she couldn't get out, pawing at her, I got a little excited..She did get out, but, the idea..the danger or threat of something happening to her..Is pretty erotic..

  • Mexico. Lol

  • I'm a girl, i get turned on by the same thing! in life i want respect, fun, spontaneous all that typical craap girls want, doesnt mean it has to be the same in bed!

  • Yep thats right dude below me. I mean lile have some self respect for urself and yes im a girl u sicko nasty pers to see a thapist sumtins rong wit u guys. Atleased some guys hag respect for girls

  • holy f*** you guys are sick... you deserve to burn in h***!!! women are supposed to be treated with respect. you'll be lucky if you ever get a woman. they are supposed to be treated like princesses.and yeah im a f****** guy

  • dude, you saved me the trouble of typing it all out... but im the same way...

    To be honest i think a lot of guys are, but wont admit it.

  • you are not alone.

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