I can't stand my roomate

I can't stand her anymore. I even tried to kill her dog once. But we are stuck for the rest of the lease. I don't think I will miss her once its over.

Jun 8, 2011

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  • You may not like your roommate.But don't exact your resentment on her innocent dog!! What's the dog,done to you?? What sort of person are you,to contemplate killing an innocent,defenceless being,just because you dislike your roommate?? I'll tell you!! An vindictive,evil minded,malicious person!!
    I don't know, you or your roommate,so therefore don't know why you dislike her.She could be,the roommate from h***! But for fucksake,don't kill her pet,because of your hatred of her!! That is, truly diabolical!!!

  • She is moving out, she gave me one month to get another place or fill this one and the dog has ruined so much floor space it doesn't matter anymore if it gets put down or not.
    She blames me for making life h****** her, but I have barely been home for months because she is so hateful to me.

  • Roommates can really suck sometimes. It seems like a good idea at the beginning and then you see how others live. Either agree to be civil until the end or you can try to find someone to take over your share of the lease. Just stay busy, go out with your friends and just put in your share and have very little do with her. But, leave the dog alone.

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