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I am a stranger to my self i dont know who i am i just want somebody to love me im 17 year old guy in high school i have no friends all i do is play guitar and write songs thats all i know im so lonely at first i thought i was strong for staying isolated with just me and my thoughts
My songwriting is better when im alone isolation makes me a better artist but its been 4 years and im starting to crave love i want a female to hold nobody understands me i dont know what to do nothing satifies me anymore please help me im dying inside

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  • Well no one is going to find you when you're locked inside your house or your head. You need to get out and experience life. You'll feel alive again. Get out there and make some friends. Maybe start performing at coffee houses. You'll meet other musicians and music lovers, and girls....Look into colleges that offer music programs or whatever else you're interested in. Maybe volunteer to teach music. Not sure if you've graduated. But go and meet some friends, you'll meet someone. Girls love musicians.

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