My GF and her Gay Fetish

When I was around 15 I started talking to a Girl From Germany, she was so nice and just a Epic gal,I Told her when I turned 18 I would see her that was years away, but as time flew by the time came when i turned 18, and I saved enough money, i have.. Horribly bad luck, so i had a s***** life, and she always made me feel better, she was 15 when I got to Germany, Im Mexican, and but I have German blood, she grew taller then me even though I was older, it kinda made me sad, but was nice , She wanted to have s**, a few times and I felt bad turning her down, Germany was just Whoa for me was a epic place and Lol so many white people tall and blue eyes, I loved her eyes so much! and she hated hers, but she loved brown eyes and i hated that!
guess it works out for both of us, when she turned 18, we finally had s**, she always asked why i turned her down when she was younger and I said its just how I was raised

We have nice s**, very passionate and stuff and ïm head over heels for this girl, but lately, she been wanting to do me with a strap, on!, and said she wouldn't give me s**, or anything!, and i said no way luv, and but b***** h*** man she made me suffer, she even took the cat to her mothers place!, she basically took my cat away and my video games and hid them and nagged me, thats what got me the nagging! till i said yes!

In Bed, she got a Huge f****** Strap on scared the s*** outta me (lol) but i already said yes and she was so happy it bugged me a bit, but i love seeing my gf happy so I stuck up my but witch was weird to do...She put lube, witch was f-ing cold, man, and she slid in, it hurted like s***!, and I almost wanted to cry, she laughed a bit!! saying I was so cute, and I glared at her saying to pull out now and she just went on, after a while it felt better and didn't hurt as much
It wasn't till a long time she started to kinda f*** me, i enjoyed it alot but now, she wants me to do it with a man!, and I'm like WTF ! no way man, not that I don't like men, I'm bi but I love my gal and i just don't see myself! with another guy, or even girl shes everything to me a tall super sexy, German chick C; with the cutest accent xD who fell in love with a Mexican guy but shes also wanting me to dress in kitty ears and stuff like that a WHOLE NEW SIDE of her i never seen id ware the kitty ears, but thats cause i f-ing love cats, but nothing else
she said something about i act so cute and stuff and look so Uke cause Im like 5'7 idk what that means!! what does that have to do with my height??! i think it has something to do with all her anime she watches D: i clearly explained to her it bothers me alot!
idk what to do D: please help, i really love the gurl and i don't want her to feel bad

its not just all about s**, we chat and have everything incommen, I just turned around25 now and shes 21, and but is this ok?! Im scared i might start liking it..or if shes doing this cuase she wants me to be with a man?! and she enjoys watching it ê-ê its so wierd in a way...

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  • Fantasies, role playing and other toys are great and fun, but only if the participants are willing. If either of you are coerced into do something that you're not 100% on board with, the end results won't be enjoyable in or out of the bedroom. You have to figure out where the lines are drawn for yourself and both of you have to respect one another's boundaries. Bringing a 3rd person into the bedroom is never a good idea. For some it's okay, but it can mean the end of relationship. You guys really need to talk.

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