Obsessed with my ex

I am almost 22 and obsessed with my ex girlfriend. We started dating when we were 19 and broke up a few months ago. She left me and asked if we could still f*** and be best friends even outside of a relationship. Since i wanted her back badly i agreed which i shouldnt have. The first time we had s** i wasnt expecting it at all and it felt so incredible. The 2nd time she started crying during and so we stopped having s** and she told me we can only be friends. Then she went on a date with another guy after that and then we couldnt go to this Hello Kitty Con thing i really wanted to take her too because nobody gave a f*** about her enough to take her on time so she could get a tattoo the only reason she wanted to go, and she told me not to take her because i was crazy mad at her for going on a date and making out with another guy. Anyway after that she started dating him for real and the worst part is shes incredibley happy now, she told me she was unhapy in our relationship (even tho we had talked about marriage) she never introduced me to her father or any of her family but after maybe a few weeks of dating this 30 something year old loser she already introduced him to her family. All the time i try to get her to come back to me but shes much happier w/o me. everyday i wish i was dead because im so in love with someone who tricked me so badly and will never love me again. Everyday i imagine her sucking his c*** and f****** him and how the woman I loved who we both shared our first sexual experiences with and built a loving relationship for over 2 years which was to lead to marriage just leaves me out of the bue because she "wasnt happy with me." Im sure i sound like a complete p**** but i was actually a great boyfriend I treated her better than anyone else in her life loved her to death got her so many gifts I even had to live in a different city than her for 6 months but I guess it wasnt enough. I really just wish I was dead, my life feels so pointless empty and unfilfilled.


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  • Girls are b******. And I'm sexually obsessed with my ex. I was in a online relationship with someone for about 3 yrs when I was 16. First love, and she always knew how to make me hard & c** (alot) and tell me how good she is at sucking, etc. Just really got me crazy about her doing things with guys, and now that's all I think about almost every day to get off. And besides talking sexual with her, she always made everyone more important than me & treated me bad. She's one of the people I'd never wanna meet if I had the chance to rewind my life.

  • Believe it or not, you are going to survive this break up...and any future break ups. Yes, sorry there will be others and you will be okay. Getting over it is not going to be overnight, or a few weeks, but you'll get through this. And when you are ready, you will want to date again. Your first step would be to end contact with this girl. She has moved on, and if she calls she's just playing with your heart. It's mean, immature and really unfair to you. Stop texting, calling, emailing etc. Right now, it's just not possible for you to be friends or anything more. And definitely if she breaks up with this 30 year old..don't be so quick to take her back. Stop wondering what if..you guys are young. Whatever was going on within your relationship, the truth is that there was something missing. And you both could be great boyfriends and girlfriends, but for other people. You two may be just too young to know exactly how to fix what wasn't working. And sometimes that comes from life experience. There is nothing wrong with being young, it is where you are in life and you have a lot of life to experience. So enjoy and embrace being single for awhile. Your life should be fulfilled regardless of if you are alone or with someone. Having someone else should just make your life that much better. Find out what that is. Go out with friends, take up a new sport etc.. Date (when you're ready) and have fun..and don't get locked in to committed relationship because you're afraid to be alone. Work on yourself and find out who you are without being attached. A lot of people get locked into relationships and become so co-dependent that they don't know who they are on their own. If it would help, go and talk to someone about what you're feeling.

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