Death and jealousy

So some guy where i live said that someone he knew killed myself over bullying

he then goes on about how he went thru worse bullying than he did and the person was a coward

and to top off the cake

he is jealous that the person who killed himself gotten more attention than he did when he was getting bullied

literally jealous because the guy to died gotten more attention

faith in humanity in the triple digit negatives

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  • Because even though people who don't commit suicide over bullying are stronger than the sad little attention whores, they are still human. Two people can be getting bullied equally badly, but the weak one goes and hangs himself live on Facebook and the world comes to a dead (haha) stop. The one who was tough enough to keep going continues to be ignored, the way both of them were before Weakling killed himself. But you don't get sympathy points for being a survivor, only a dramatic little statistic.

  • Damn amen brother

  • So many stupid people... so few bullets...

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