What's wrong with me?

I have a good family.

I have a selective group of friends who are very nice and I can pretty much get along well. Im not a social butterfly but still, I can make friends.

On my own, im quiet and studious. I 'function' better when left to my own devices. I do have a bit of a temper.

I dress up well(not slutty), not a particularly stylish person but casual.

I dislike clubbing and other places where there's a large and noisy crowd - so you could say im rather uptight but I guess Im one of those girls with a principle. =\ I hold myself in high regard it takes a lot for me to loosen up.

So, here's my secret...

I have never had a boyfriend.

I have been feeling lonely lately and I would like to meet someone. I hope to get married and have kids one day. But things are not in favour, always been since high school. I never get the guys. It's not like I cant get along with them, its just that they're nice and all but I dont think they have ever considered me girlfriend material. =( It kills me inside to see girls my age dating and breaking up like changing their underwear. It got me thinking 'what's wrong with me?".

So you guys...help me out here? No im not a teenager, im 21 years old and i go to an elite university. And dont give me BS on how young I am, most of you had gf/bf's anyway so its easy for you to say.

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  • Have you ever gone up to a guy that you found interesting and asked them out?

    Girls can make the first move too ya know...

  • Be careful of how you interact with men on dates too. If you are particularly Tom-boyish, or come across as challenging them all the time, you can kill interest. Doll yourself up for your dates, make them feel like you are impressed by them (if you are) and let them treat you like a lady. You do have p**** power, as the last person said, and you have to learn how to use it. College is a very important time to learn to use it, but that does not mean pull your panties down for every man you meet. Men like women who will dress up for nice dates, be a pleasure to be with, and be a lot of fun when going out for water skiing or playing football, or whatever. Men are very visually oriented, so use care in how you dress and take care of yourself, even down to the panties.

  • There's a first time for everything and nothing is wrong with you. Don't compare yourself to other girls. All you need is one guy that likes you. Being in school is a great way to meet people and socialize. Since there are so many people in your age group are still single, it should be slightly easier to meet single available men. First thing is you do have to get yourself out there to a point, let them know you're available and interested. You may have to push yourself a bit. Always wear a smile and be approachable. Try dating sites, accept every social invitation that comes your way, do go out with friends even if it is to study, try to be open to meeting people and different social situations. You never know who you may meet or who may have a single guy friend to set you up with. And social situations, doesn't have to be at a bar or a club. Find groups on campus that interest you. Make the universe work for you..meaning tell your friends and put it "out there" you are ready to meet someone. He'll show up when you least expect it.

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