She made the biggest mistake of her life.....

Dear Todd. When the group left the boathouse to go out riding on the lake, your wife should never have left you behind with me. The s** we had was spectacular, yes, but it was more than that. And it was more than the beginning of a casual little fling. I'm going to destroy your marriage and have you for myself alone. Even if it means having you knock me up "by accident". She thinks your marriage is too strong to be wrecked, but she's wrong. And I'm just the girl to prove it to her.

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  • Your "little accident" would /create a human being/. Have a thought for the people you unwillingly bring out of that good night into this world for your s***** little power play, for God's sake.

  • I just lost my husband to someone exactly like you, and I mean EXACTLY like you. Same attitude, same selfish, same lack of concern for others AND FOR CHILDREN. You should be ashamed. ASHAMED.

  • cheating seems like a lot of fun......until it all blows up in your face

  • I took the husband of a woman I knew. I couldn't have said she and I were ever actually friends, but we spent a lot of time together in a group of young couples. Her husband and I flirted a lot, even in front of our spouses, and even played kissy-face, and everybody understood it was all in good fun. But then one night at a bar where we were all together (and drinking heavily), he and I somehow wound up alone outside and we made out in an alleyway like teenagers. Next day, we met for lunch to "talk", but we just ended up making out again. As we were about to leave, we both started to say that we should probably not let it go any further, but instead we made out again and wound up in a motel, f****** like animals and bouncing off the walls and ceiling. We had an unbelievably torrid affair for seven months, and decided we needed to be together permanently. We told our spouses we were divorcing them, but we never said we were a couple. We kept f****** throughout the waiting period, and for a few months after the divorces became final, but without announcing that we were a couple. Finally, we "started dating", at least as far as the world was concerned, and soon became engaged, though that had been the plan all along. We got married and moved in together, and a year later, the l*** wore off. And we discovered that our marriage was a pure sham: it was all about f******, and nothing about love. Be sure of what you're doing with Todd -- and, more importantly -- what Todd is doing with you -- before you ruin his marriage, your marriage, and both families. There are some f***-ups that you can't un-f***.

  • If you spring the "accidental" pregnancy on him, he will see right through it and dump your nasty ass. And it will serve you right, you homewrecker.

  • And once u destroy it and have a few kids,another b**** like you will destroy yours too! Payback is a b**** and what goes around comes around:)

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