I wish it was easier to be openly gay in my hometown...

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  • It is horrible when your home town feels like it is the entire world. Just know this there are many places, many cities and many countries in the world where people do not care whether you are gay. In these places people rejoice, love and befriend you for who you are (not who they would like you to be) ASPIRE to eventually find yourself in such a place. It is sad that you may have to eventually move away from your 'home and home town' to find a true home/town for yourself. Remember this; you are wonderful, special, unique and most definitely NOT alone. Come and find all your 'brothers and sisters' ... we are waiting to greet you!

  • It takes a lot of courage. I hope you can find it in yourself to say "yes, I am gay and if you can't accept that then it's your problem." You should have no shame.

  • It's easier said,than done.If you reside within an environment and culture,where they'd persecute or kill you for being gay,the best option is to be in the closet,until you find a place to reside,where it's more acceptable.
    Each individual circumstances and surroundings are different.Some places are dangerous,if you're openly gay.Some encourage and embrace it! Ir also depends,on your family/social environment aswell.Some people are more accepting,than others.There's always a reason.
    I was born into a family,who love and support my life choices,regardless of my sexuality.
    However,my mother was born within an era,where it's unacceptable and abnormal,to be gay.But she still loves me,even though I'm bisexual.But I think its because,I'm within a heterosexual relationship at the moment.She may be different,if I was in a lesbian relationship.But I doubt it,as she knows about some of my,past sexual explorations.I wasn't always discreet,as a teenager :)

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