I outed someone close to me... help

I'm 16 years old and bisexual. I came out to my cousin the other day, but when I was telling her I came out to my step sister, I said I told her after she told me she was bi. So I basically outed her... I wasn't thinking straight, and I assumed that she was already openly bi. I asked my step sister later if she was openly bi, and she told me she wasn't yet because of her parents. I assumed she was open about it because of everything on her social media. I'm such a d***! She should NOT forgive me for this. I know my cousin won't tell anyone, though, and she's very accepting. I havent told my step sister what happened yet, but I think I should. I feel like I betrayed her, and I was the one she trusted the most. What should I do?

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  • She wont mind now shel hav lots of lizzys after her

  • I hope you feel bad what you did was awful and you cant even f... Her to make up

  • Shut your a***!

  • Tell her, and apologise. Just do the honest thing and take the hit, it'll be worse when she finds out what you did and said nothing to her about it.

  • Thanks, I told her what happened and there were no hard feelings. She said it was fine

  • It's hard to know sometimes. Especially if it seems the person is out on social media. Glad it all worked out for you.

  • I'm happy it went well :)

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