Feel trapped in this world but not in my dreams.

Ever since I was a kid, I've always felt trapped in this world. There are many reasons for this is but I'll just give a few. I honestly felt like I just didn't belong, that I was trapped in a world that was I never meant to be in. That I just didn't fit in no matter where I went. My dreams on the other hand are completely different. Sometimes when I would dream about the hometown I used to live in, it would be different. In real life, my old hometown is small and doesn't have much but, in my dreams, my hometown is much bigger then I can imagine. There's more streets, people and buildings. There's no evil anywhere, no crime, no drugs, no money, no government and people can do whatever they want. I can't really describe my hometown in my dreams as it would take too long but, whenever I do have a dream about my hometown, I feel as if that is the world I'm supposed to be born in. Any time I do dream about my hometown, I often find myself wishing I was there instead of this reality.

Apr 26

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  • A Dreamer may feel like they don't fit in here in this world, because they don't, and won't ever, but don't despair. If you can even imagine the Utopias in your mind, then they already exist, and you are the key to the portal that leads there. Practice. Become proficient at going there. Know that place and the path to get there better than you know any part of this world. Someday, you will find yourself with a small group of others, perhaps even just one person, that you are for some reason intimately connected with, even if you only just met. Though they may believe or want to believe that going to another Place is possible and even necessary, they may lack a vital understanding that this is not just a fantasy or some dream; what's happening around them IS REAL/REALITY. You will be the key, literally, to open that door when the right time comes, and not simply tell, but SHOW and GUIDE them that "This is real, too, and it's beautiful, vibrant, and alive, waiting for us. But it isn't dying! So watch and believe, and follow me. Hurry."

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