Just frustrated......

This is going to sound like every other pathetic 15 year old girl's post, but it's not.
I am the type of girl who instead of going to parties, I will chill at home and stay on facebook or go to starbucks or go have some pizza. I don't smoke, I don't do drugs, and I have a pretty damn good GPA, top 5% of my grade I'd say. I don't think I'm bad looking, because I have had guys like me before, but they're never the guys I like... It gets so frustrating because when I like a guy, I never know what to do to get him to like me back... In a way I think I'm a hypocrite; whenever people ask me why I don't like someone, I just say plain and simply "I just don't feel it.", but do I expect the person I like to think the same? No I don't...

Now for the more confession part of this. Earlier this year, a student teacher came and started teaching our PE class. In the beginning he was the most annoying thing in the world, and everyone in our class, including me, made fun of him and mocked him in a way where don't actually do anything bad. After a while, I started looking forward to class and being able to 'tease' him... Now, don't think I was a little s*** and hit on him, because I'm not that girl. I just had a massive crush on him! After he left, I started liking a guy 2 grades above me, he's funny, cute, nice, sporty, and he just makes me smile :) But, he's the type of guy who's never had a girlfriend and doesn't seem to be looking for one... Frustrating stuff.... Today, during our exams week, I saw the student teacher, and my heart skipped 10 beats.... Now I'm starting to like him again and it's so stupid and silly! Tell me I'm absolutely crazy, because I need to hear it! raaaaa! :S

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  • F*** your gpa you need to be where theres life.

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