I hate you.

I confess that I have flat out, grown to hate you. Wanna know why?
Because you mass text people.
Because you should KNOW by now that I am a completely honest person, yet even when you ask me if I'm okay and I say yes and you say you don't believe me, it REALLY bugs me because OBVIOUSLY if I wasn't okay I wouldn't have said I was, or even if I wasnt okay I obviously didn't wanna talk about it and that's why I said I'm fine.
And ya know what, after this past month or two, ALL you've done is cause DRAMA in my life that I DON'T NEED. First, you throw a b**** fit at me for being loyal to another friend. Really?? Honestly how STUPID can you be.
Second, you tell me to choose between you and another really good friend of mine because of drama that YOU AND HER have together. Not me or MY best friend (whom you also drug into this), YOU AND HER. Then you tell me you're done when I don't choose. Funny you'd rather lose two friends than keep them and deal with one person you don't like...
Third, you ask me what's wrong, then instead of leaving me alone because evidently if there was something wrong, I would have told you there was if I felt like talking to you, instead of leaving me alone you flip on me and say you're done with me because apparently I always complain about everything (uh sorry hun that's you) and all you try to do is be a good friend. Uh okay because I ALWAYS complain to you. Actually, I hold back my complaints around you. If there was something wrong with me, (which there was), I REALLY didn't need your b**** ass making me feel even worse.

So f*** you, hope you have a nice life on your own without the one person in your life that convinced you out of suicide.

Jun 18, 2011

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