Severly Depressed

I have been so sad latley. It all started a month ago when i was let go from first practicum, that set me back a year from graduating next spring. i had this whole plan in mind that i would be done school in 2012 and get married and have a job and make a good life for my kids. it has really made me feel like giving up, another thing is that I cant even get a job anywhere I have been looking for 2 months and nothing, this is really getting tome, I just dont have enuff money and I have failed myself. I hate the b**** supervisor she wrecked my life, she jus did that cuz shes a fat b**** and I had everything going good for me everytime i think of what she did it tears me apart, i have tried to be happy but its not working and i feel like i am taking it out on my family, I need help I am f****** sad and dont know what the f*** to do, GOD help me pleaaasee

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