I dont love my wife

When i met her i went along with what she wanyted. now i realize she brings me down. i wanna be free. she cant find a job and i keep hoping this too will pass. shes a pain in my ass and i told her i dont want this anumore and to leave me the f*** alone. that was about 1/2 hr ago. the b**** just came outta the bedroom now. what also bothers me is when she tells me what bothers her about me and i reply with an answer, she gets mad at me for replying. f*** u b**** like i said, i wanna be free

May 28, 2011

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  • I'm curious what made you fall for her in the first place? Is all of that gone now? Also, it sounds like you guys need some time apart, maybe she feels the same way that is why she is acting like that. Before you end up killing any ounce of love and respect you both have for each other, step back to make whatever final decision you take. Also remember no woman will ever be perfect, just more or less compatible with you.

  • Be generous to her, really listen to her

  • I don't love my girlfriend any more either.I hate to be home with her.She demeans me every chance she gets.I am leaving her this week and be free.
    I wish u freedom!

  • Just be free then.. but set her free too... dont waste any more time...

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