I went to a house party and got really

I went to a house party and got really drunk on the weekend. So, I stumbled up stairs to find somewhere to pass out as I was done partying and I ended up lying next down next to some girl. After a while, I had crazy thoughts going through my head and I ended up taking out my h****** and have a go at it while thinking about the chick that was passed out next to me.

In a way I wish she had woken up!

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  • for the 5th comment. that's really embarrasing. lol.

  • LOL At least you didn't do what the guy 2 above me did!

  • This site is not intended for molesters to swap stories. Where are the mods when you need them?

  • I sort of did the same thing about 10 years ago...I was a teenager. I was at a friend of a friends b-day party and I got drunk and saw his older sister(who I had my eye on the whole time I was there)sleeping in bed. I knew she had been drinking so I figured she was out of it. I got down on the floor next to the bed and as slow and gentle as I could be I started touching her. I can't remember if I felt her b****, I do remember feeling her legs and how smooth they were. I remember she was wearing these little shorts( I think they were boxers ) and a t-shirt. I remember that it took me forever to slide my hand up her shorts...I was rubbing my finger over top of her underwear between her legs then I went under them and the first thing my finger touched was short stubbly pubic hair. I remember it was almost sharp and the area around it was smooth. I remember being so excited that I was actually touching a hot girls private parts...I was a virgin then and didn't have too much experience with girls. As soon as I got my fingers down further and began to feel the top part of her v***** she rolled over with my hand still up her shorts. I thought that was it, that I was busted. I quickly removed my hand from her shorts and stood up and when I did she rolled over again and woke up. I was like ok, think quick...she saw me standing there so I just said..I wanted to know if it was ok with you if I passed out on the other side of the bed. She said it was ok so I just laid down and hoped that she didn't know what I did. This is the part where I really messed up now. Well in the first place, I didn't realize it then...but she would've probably done stuff with me if I would've made an attempt at talking to her earlier...or even when I was lying next to her in that bed...unless she really was just trying to be nice. But...my stupid ass waited like 15 min. until I thought she fell back asleep, she was lying on her stomach so I put my hand down the back of her shorts and as soon as I laid my hand on her buttcheek she got up and ran out of the room. I was like oh s***! I just grabbed my shoes and left real quick. It was like 5 in the morning and I walked like 10 miles back home. I look back on that night now and can't believe that I did something like that...and I'm fortunate that I left when I did and nothing bad happened to me. I know this is long, and I know what I did was wrong...and I'm sorry for both ( mostly the latter though ) I can't imagine doing something like that now.

  • Touching a girl makes you a nasty f***?

  • at least you didn't touch her like some other nasty f**** on this site would

  • sick dude. that's one step away from rape. nasty s***.

  • Did you blow on her?beacause that would have been cool

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