Im so disgusted with myself but i need to get it off my chest cos i cant tell anyone. Im 18f from the uk, a few nights ago i got really drunk with a friend, after we parted ways at around midnight i went to the train station to go home. I was really drunk so details are a bit hazy but i remember there was some old homeless man on the platform, i don't know why but i came over extremely h**** n went n sat next to him n straight up asked if he fancied a w***. One thing led to another and i sat on his d*** right there and let him c** inside me. The next morning obviously i s*** my pants n went and got the morning after pill. Every time i think about it i wanna throw up im hoping telling someone will make me feel better

Mar 26, 2021

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  • Iv never put it out for a homeless guy but i do get needy when iv been drinking and got myself into situations where iv had s** with people i dont know a few times once in a park with people around and in a taxi with the driver but it did it for me and nobody else knows

  • This is great news. I bet he really enjoyed it. You should think about doing this regularly. You will really make the day of any homeless guy.

  • These hoes just want some strange D when they in heat! Seriously tho, don't drink. Be celibate and only put out for honorable men. Do better, doll. Jesus be with you.

  • Do it again and enjoy knowing you made his year if not more

  • Girls and alcohol

  • Lucky homeless man got to f*** a h**** 18 ur old

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