What just happened?

I was dating this guy for 2 months, i know not long, i'm just confused as heck. we're in college. Everything was perfect. He opened car doors for me, and pulled out chairs, and what not. He used to tell me about how his friends talk about how good he has it with me. they used to say "she treats you like a king, never let go of her" and everytime he would tell me this he'd say he would be effing retarded if he ever did leave.

he talks about cars a ton because he loves them, and i completely understand, i've actually learned a lot because of him :) but for a week, it seemed like that was all we ever talked about, because the cruises are coming up. and i was alright with it, but i would like to talk about something else for a bit here and there. so i told him, because we're very open with eachother. and he didn't have a problem with toneing done the car talk.

then out of the blue this morning he called me, which he rarely does in the morning. and said that he couldn't do this anymore, he couldn't "punish himself like this anymore" he felt like he couldn't be himself and talk about cars when he wants, and that he wants to slow down, and figure out what he wants.

i understand where hes coming from, but im just so clueless as to where him breaking up with me came from. i dont get it. and now im sitting here trying to occupy my time because there was never a second of everyday that i wasn't texting, talking, or with him. and now i have to spend every second of every day with out him. and im lost on what to do.

i talked with my mom about it, and she says that he'll come to his senses, because his friends told me that the other girls he'd been with didn't treat him nearly as good as i did. and i want to believe her, but then i dont because if he really doesnt come back... ill be waiting for nothing.


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  • he sounds immature. if he really has nothing else to talk about besides cars, he's either 13 years old or simply incompatible with you as far as interests go.

    my advice would be to hang out with friends and people you like, and get a hobby to take up the rest of your time. you can't be disappointed doing something you like :)

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