He isn't mine.

I found out my boyfriend is bisexual. He's been secretly seeing gay men behind my back since 2009. To top it all off, we have two children together. He doesn't even care that I found out. I thought our relationship was fine and dandy. I guess not..

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  • My boyfriend told me that he is bi-sexual, he said he'd had s** with other boys at school and also when he was at college. He said that on occasions he'd been to places where guys meet to have s** but not while he's been dating me. He said that he only has encounters with guys who are submissive and who will be subservient to him and do what he wants. I told him that I don't want him having s** with strangers so we agreed a compromise, we agreed to have a threesome with another guy, a guy that I know, a guy who is also bi-sexual and very submissive. This is better than him going off doing his own thing. I didn't know what to expect, and at first it felt awkward, but we've done it more than a dozen times now and I'm finding that I'm actually enjoying it. So good can come out of these things.

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