I want to be 80 lbs. I'm probably 100

I want to be 80 lbs. I'm probably 100 right now. I feel so fat. And probably look f****** disgusting. I wish I could see outside myself.

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  • Hmm...

    Well, I'm going to give my usual advice when someone needs help:

    Take up masturbation. Post pictures.

    Also, eat more.

  • 80 pounds is nasty unless your like 12.

  • Smoke some crack that will put you at 80lbs

  • You would be healthier and happier if you got help. Obviously, you have a problem with your image. It's not your fault, and there IS help available. Good luck!

  • Thin is sexy, but 80 pounds is just nasty looking, unless youre like, 4 feet tall. Eat!

  • You all really need to understand that your body typically will only allow you to get down to a certain weight... bones, organs - these things have substance and weight to them. You need these things to live. I don't know your ages or heights but to me 80,100lbs, tooo thin. You need to realize that if you lose to much weight you can ruin your body! Do you ever want children? You may not if you keep thinking that being so thin is best! You need to speak with someone. You need to realize your own self worth and get some self-esteem. I am abot 5'10" and got down to 90lbs once - that is when I had a wake up call... people told me how bad and sickly I looked - and I did look bad/sick. I gained weight, met the man of my dreams and got married! Get help!

  • I'm glad someone finally understands what i mean ^^

  • i know exactly how you feel. i am 100 pounds, and everyday look at myself with disgust. whenever i mention anything to anyone, they get p***** & say i'm skinny. i wish i could believe them and be happy with my body for once.

  • Try 130. 100 lbs is whats GROSS.You do realise that you can be CLINICALLY OBESE and be THIN. If you have more fat mass than muscle mass you are obese.No matter what weight.So starving yourself without building muscle mass is making you OBESE.Even if you weigh 80 lbs.

  • You have a sickness and you really need to seek help for it, before you succumb to your illness, suffer heart failure, and die.

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