My wife dates black men. Not many, and not often, but she dates them. I think her mother knows, but if her dad found out, he would probably kill her. If MY parents found out, they would probably kill ME.

Oct 26, 2015

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  • It took me about two and a half years to convince my wife to try a black guy. We started with just a hand-job with me present and as the felt encouragement in the moment, she gradually got more confident. Fast Forward 2 years, she has 4 semi regular bulls and has s** almost every week. Since she is totally Exhausted from them she just wants oral from me now. I couldn’t be happier and our relationship has blossomed;

  • I took my wife to meet a black guy with a bbc. She was nervous and said kissing someone she doesn’t know would be awkward. She also said she didn’t want to have vaginal s**. Well he came to out hotel room , we played some tunes drank some beers. He was very tone and handsome. She showed him her t*** at our request and he went over and sucked them . They started kissing her pants flew off and they were having s** for an hour straight! Alls she kept saying was omg . He must have did her in 5 different positions then he e********* in her mouth and on her face. The next day on the way home she asked when we could go back.

  • It took me two year to talk my wife to try another guy. Finally she said that she thought she might be interested in trying a black guy. She found one she like, dropped me off at the movies, then met up with him at a motel. I have been a cuckold ever since. For a long time she would find a new guy each week. While I was overseas for a year, she had 3 regulars. One in the mornings before he went to work at 10 in the morning, another who came over during his lunch break, then a black couple that visited at night. The most exciting, though, was a 16-year-old neighbor who came over and did her every morning after I would leave for work. This went on for a whole year.

  • That’s so HOT. Have been trying to get my wife into the same situation. So far she only dresses in sexy revealing outfits and high heeled stiletttoes for him but lately she’s been talking about doing more for him. I think she’s about too.

  • How did you talk your wife into it?!!! That is what i am trying to do right now!!

  • OMG!!! I absolutely Love that setup!!! Would love to have a wife just like that!!

  • My wife and two daughters are all into black c***. They all go to black c*** parties. My wife is 41 and my daughters are 20 and 18.My wife also has a black son who is 14. My 18 year old daughter has 2 black babies she had her first black baby right after her 15th birthday. They all have made g******* videos.

  • That's effing HOT!!!

  • Damn you have those videos?

  • I do hope you get to go along to the black c..... parties it must awesome to watch your wife and two, legs spread being f..... by black men. Such a beautiful sight to behold

  • You must be very proud .I know i'd be.

  • My wife loved it, got together with 2 different guys and she said she had enough . So that was that .,

  • My wife an i have done this out of town also pretend to be alone in a lounge an she gets picked up while i watch an wait in our room . Its so hot when she comes back an joins me in bed an tells me how she was a s***. something so hot being in your hotwife after she was a s***

  • My wife was a filthy s*** while I worked out of state. A diff co#* every week!!

  • So true, black c*** seconds from your wife is as good as it gets.

  • I always told my wife that black studs are more than welcome in our bed. She hasn't taken the offer though, but we are both big fans of BLACKED.com and watch every video, and using the realistic dongs modeled from p-rnstars (Sean Michaels, Flash Brown, Mr. Marcus) we call them by name, and call them her 'black boyfriends.' We both suck'em. She loves using the N-word during too which excites us both. Fun stuff. Love when she tells me stuff like "I have a hot date with Sean Michaels tonight. Want to come join us?" Wish she would do the real thing, but she doesn't want that, and I respect it. Only interracial she admit she has had has been with Mexican men when she was a teenager. We have a lot of fun this way though!

  • My wife has been with 2 black guys, the first was an amazing afternoon of her getting sexed by him ... The second didn't pan out real well the first meeting but the second meeting she let him get a nut in her mouth twice and in her p**** twice also ... She was a red head, shaved, sexy and sensual who totally loves s** ...

  • The second guy we met with was a little intimidated by her looks, her friendliness and casual reactions while we talked . She had on a dress that buttoned down the front of which she left most unbuttoned to expose some legs and cleavage . She walked casually around the room getting all of us drinks and sat close to him once she sat down showing a lot of leg. He said the first time he was blown away by her and didn't perform like he usually could and he would make it better, she made him promise . She asked if he had a good time the first time and he of course said yes but intimidation was his excuse . She made the first move by rubbing his c*** threw his pants, he started to finger her and she spread wide for his taking . She got his c*** out and tried to go down on him but sitting next to him was to cramped so she moved to the floor in between his legs ... She was giving him head he strained and obviously got a nut in her mouth .. . She ask if he liked that, took a drink and got back to sucking his 9/10 inch c*** until she got him to c** again in her mouth . She led him to the bed room, laid down and told him to eat her which he did, she got off at least 3 times as he was going down on her , she pulled him up on top of her and guided his c*** into her love cannel , he stroked her until he c** again filling her until a puddle formed on the bed . She went back to giving him head until she got him hard again, she whispered " put it back in me" , he did and got off inside of her second time, she was saturated and had his c** running out of her . She went back to sucking on him and licking off the mix of love juices from him and her . She laid there spread wide open with his c** all over her belly, thighs, ass, and every where in between . She got up and the c** was running out of her, she went to the rest room to try and not make to big of a mess . He left and she and I talked about what happened as I fingered her and let her lick my fingers clean several times

  • She then gave me a mind blowing b*******, then she and I just sat and relaxed . She was glowing and had a big smile on her face saying she wanted to do what again ,

  • My wife has been with three different Black men and had s** bareback with all three for nearly two years .

  • My wife has done 15black guy and all bareback

  • You area very lucky man.

  • My wife has had a hundred black men I realized after a couple she was a w**** for black d*** she cannot help herself she enjoys them

  • It took me years to get my wife blacked, best thing we ever did, she has never been happier.

  • How did you do it

  • I married the high school w****. She probably f***** two dozen guys including several blacks. She got knocked up and had an abortion. I always thought she was sexy and wanted to f*** her but never got the chance.
    We were at a reunion after graduation and we danced and I told her she was so sexy. She let me have her that night and I asked her to marry me and she said yes. I knew she would not be faithful to me but I was OK with it. We do have a black baby now.

  • Thats hot let her be with i wish i was u

  • Sounds like my wife

  • My wife has a black lover for last one year and now he has decided to have babies with my wife, my wife is very happy to become his b**** permanently and raise his babies.

  • This sounds wonderful!! You are lucky!!

  • You need a brain transplant Marriage is a sacrament between two people and only two people a man and a woman not two women and not two men what they are doing they will rot in H*** for believe and you are worse for allowing it grow a set of b**** for goodness sake and f the two of them off.

  • Black c*** is the one true God that all white whores and sissy husbands must worship. We would all be so lucky to burn in h***, just as long as there is and endless supply of BBC there!

  • Finally, a person on this site with a voice of reason!

  • Praise be to the BBC!

  • Most of the people who go down the road you are at are sick in the head and they call it progress well if this is progress take me back to the dark ages.

  • BBC is the one true God - worship it!

  • Oh you want slaves

  • I encouraged my young girlfriend to do that, we married, had children. When our last son was born, she told me she was trough. Having s** with me. That was 21 years ago. She has been BLAC ONLY ever since 1998

  • As long as she is happy you should encourage her to have as much black c*** as possible! I let my wife move three black men into our home 7 she has never been happier. Every day is a BBC g******* for her now and she loves it.

  • Love to eat those endless cream pies.

  • All it takes for a white wife to go black is for her to let one black guy f*** her. My wife had a couple drinks and let her guard down. The black guy was smooth. He was handsome, tall, and he slowly got my wife aroused to the point that she did not try to stop him. That was all it took. She gave herself to him whenever he wanted it and I was cut off completely. S*** happens

  • Absolutely brilliant

  • There is nothing wrong with that at all !

  • I encouraged my wife to try this and I have never been more proud of her!

  • You need to be careful I've done the same thing with my wife she dating a black guy about a year I was okay with that we care for her satisfied one night she told me she was going to John's Apartment okay he was like me he know she loved to have s** she got there they ended up in bed next thing she knew they were three more black guys there undressing John has left the door unlocked for his friends, she's never been in a threesome but that night she was g********* double penetrated she has one in the the butt and her p**** they made a good hor out of her it took her a week to get over that

  • My wife's black boyfriend is also sharing her with his friends and my wife understands sharing is caring.

  • Keep her satisfied with black men.

  • Leave a comment my wife loves bbc

  • So does mine

  • My wife has a black boyfriend also....and he shares her with his friends. She also goes to black bars and is available for only black men...she comes home smelling of c** and tells me she is h**** but won't let me do her...She just got a Queen of spades tattoo on her thigh..

  • Are yous in London?

  • Yes

  • Sweet

  • That sounds like a lot of on this page including my wife she loves them you got to love it if you know they're doing it

  • My wife who is 66 has a black boyfriend who reaches places that I can't. I'm great with it since it makes her happy.

  • My wife is 60 and her black friend is best s** she every had she said

  • Very nice

  • Works for us

  • Oh my! My pretty wife is 66 also! She really loves bbc.

  • Good work

  • My wife Kelly has a black boyfriend named Dallas. He made love to her on our wedding night in front of me,and he put his black seed deep inside of her fertile white womb,more than 6 times that night. I had to hold her legs back as far as I could,so that his c** stayed deep inside of her fertile white womb,and made her pregnant with his black baby.
    He lives with us,and he sleeps with my wife in our bed,and I sleep on the floor at the end of the bed. I am not allowed to have s** with her,accept for eating her p**** after they make love,and he c*** inside of her. She has had 3 babys with him,and she is pregnant with her 4th black baby.
    I have accepted that I am a little white sissy cuckold b****,and that my wife is the property of a big hot black man.

  • Sick

  • Your wife can only inspire other women to discover this wonderful life style

  • Your a lucky cuckold.

  • What a dream you are living!!!

  • I'm proud of you

  • My wife too had her first black lover on our wedding night with a black guy I work with. She is pregnant with their second black baby. She also has taken his name instead of mine. I’m now in male chastity.

  • Unfaithfulness is so right with a black man the pride must feel knowing the whole world know she is a black c.... w****. congrates

  • My daughter got dped by 2 blacks wen she was only 11

  • We would love to hear the story about how this happened!

  • You are a very enlightened husband. You know and accept that you could never satisfy your wife and only a black man can do it. You have a very happy wife and that is what all husbands strive for.

  • What complete B.S.

  • Word

  • That's the perfect way the start a marriage.

  • You are such a lucky guy. I would love to have a wife or girlfriend that treated me like a sissy b****.

  • Do you have a pic of your wife? Or both of you to share? Send to test5883@aol.com

  • My wife loves black men like no other. We got started in the life style a few years ago while on a vacation in Jamaica . Her first was with the bartender...and I have never seen body react during s** like it did with him. Since then she has been with many 25-30 different black men. I always watch and only watch. She has had two at once and even three. One of the hottest things she ever did was to have her lover c** on all over her wedding ring. And she stared me in the eyes as she licked and sucked the rings clean.

  • Been checked for Aids?

  • My wife has a Hall Pass four black guys

  • So does mine. She knows anytime she wants a BBC she just needs to go get it. I will happily clean for her too. I'm 8 1/2 inches but there's just something about a white woman and BBC

  • I'm 4"x4". I had s** with wife only one time in 22 years, when she was passed out drunk before we were married. To say tge least, she was furious!!! My punishment was that I had to become not only a sissy b****, but gay. I had to convince her that I truly and honestly loved BBC or she would leave me.

    22 years later, I am grateful to her for making me the f***** that I am today. My purpose in life, as is hers, to serve the black man's c*** in any way, including being his (and her) toilet.

    Currently I am a happily married sissy f***** for a black man and all his friends.

  • I let my wife suck as many black c**** as she wants and I love to watch you she works a lot of late nights I know what she's doing

  • Has any wives got knocked up intentionally because her black bull wanted her too and your Raising another mans child and possibly will happen agai if the bull wants another child. Have any of you guys been in this situation?

  • Yes I am. Wife pregnant with second black baby

  • Yes we has a black son but it wasn't a bull

  • That same with us no bull but black seeded

  • When I was out of town mine went to a upscale hotel lounge, said she was feeling frisky. She told me she wore a short tight skirt, heels, low cut top that showed her 38D's well. She was sitting alone a table and a well dressed light black came to her table and she invited him to sit. Small talk a few drinks he asked her to come up to his suite to watch tv and have some wine. She had never been with a black before and the idea and drinks helped her say yes!!!
    Without going into all that she told me, she said they had s** every way possible for almost an hour. Like I said this was her first time with a black man, was not her last!!! When I have to be out of town for a week she goes back to the lounge and lets a black pick her up.

  • Very similar to my wife

  • My wife loves BBC men. She's attractive BBW 53. 5 foot 2 inches.. 260 lbs. Fat ass thighs big 42dd t******. Been married 35 years and im a submissive cuckold and encourage her to enjoy BBC. I clean out her a****** p**** after she comes home. She loves raw bareback s** with different men. Likes to sample new c*** if available. Always leaves c** in and on her body. Likes the feel and scent to linger for days from not bathing. She has literally gone 2-3 months without bathing and f***** multiple BBC bulls. I suck n clean her out daily and she taste very sweet and not funky. I enjoy tasting her lovers c** daily. Having to clean her out daily is kinky hot. She encourages me to suck mens c**** and approves as long as i don't get another woman. Likewise i encourage her to have f*** buddies to keep her happy. We love each other and agree its only a sexual thing. We are happily married and both happen to enjoy a nasty kinky lifestyle. Its hot n kinky and both love pleasing black daddy c****! To suck and swallow c** fr9m BBC and lay under my wife occasionally, is a treat! Having her go do het thing then bring it home nasty for clean up is awesome!

  • Your so lucky to be able to lick your wifes p**** clean after she gets satisfied by a black bull stud. I would love to be with a woman like that. I would love to pay there bills too.

  • You are doing good my wife need one. BBC can you help my

  • My white wife continues to love black men. She had a new one yesterday and said it was awesome. She used to work with him and always wanted to do him, but too many big mouths at the worksite. Now she doesnt work there anymore, she finds him accessible. She said it was fantastic how he takes care of her body. I told her to keep him as her new black lover. She is.

  • Good for her. I hope she has a great time

  • It appears there are a lot of BS post on here but I can tell you from someone who actually lives the life that having your wife date a black man is beyond erotic. My wife is 58 and still very attractive petite blonde with full breast. She attracts black men every where she goes and always has even since high school. She f***** her first black guy in high school and had a lot more in college (in fact ended up pulling a train in college to five black guys) there was a time in our marriage in the beginning and during our child raising years where she would only cuckold me maybe once a year. In the past 8 years that has changed considerably, she has had three serious lover/boyfriends (all black and all hung) she has also bedded more than twenty others during this time. Currently she is basically in love with a black man she works with. He is very huge and watching her ride him is a cucks dream. She has totally embraced the cuckold dynamic and makes me watch often while I am caged. This usually ends with me cleaning her orally. I know there are many people who can't understand but we have never been closer.

  • I too love tp clean my wife after a BBC has had his way with her. It turns us both on and she c*** so hard when I do it.

  • Great. Keep her satisfied.

  • You are one lucky guy. I would luv to have my wife get f***** by a black guy and yes I would clean up

  • Me too !!

  • My wife has always dated black men some are hung like a horse i can't believe how much she can take in her p**** she loves how long they can last she's a smaller woman 5/3 about 130 lbs she can take a pounding from them she's so happy im so proud of her that she's so open about her sexuality she knows what she wants and not afraid to go out and get a black man i can't give her a organism like thay do its its so hot to hear her c** so loud see her shaking after her legs so weak she can't walk i love her so much thank God she stays with me and let me watch her having s**

  • Lucky guy, my wife also has a black boyfriend.

  • My and i have been married for 30 years now she loves black men the first time she had s** was with a black guy we love each other and respect each other when she goes out on dates its just for the s**. sge has been dating black guys for years. shes happy thay make her feel good when she comes home we have the best s** ever i don't see anything wrong with it as long as no one gets hurt its just s**

  • Sounds like me and my wife my wife is attracted to black men she's probably bedded / 100

  • We are a Mexican couple married for 30 years my wife is 55 years old she started having s** with a 30 year old black co-worker 5 years ago. They have s** in there office or in a hotel 2 or 3 times a week. No one knows except the three of us. We are very happy.

  • Update: my wife and her black co-worker have now been sleeping together for about 5 years. We obviously are very private as he is also married. Recently my wife came home after having s** with him and really surprised me. She told me that after they had several glasses of wine and a lot of foreplay he told my wife that his best friend was in town and that he wanted to share her with him. To my bigger surprised she said yes. He was also black and well endowed. She said it was the best night of her life. They simply took turns having s** with her, they both f***** her twice total four times the only time they both were with her is when she gave them both bj’s at the same time. They have agreed to do it again tonight before he leaves back to Georgia. Stay tuned.

  • Great idea. Keep her satisfied sexually with BBC. My wife loves black men.

  • As long as she's happy you will be happy my wife comes home Satisfied every time she as s** with her black boyfriend I thank him I thank him when I see him he smiles and says no problem

  • I agree my wife likes black guys as well. She has 2 that she see often. For me I think it is really hot.

  • My wife has a black boyfriend did about a year she will even go to his place in the morning few times a week for a quickie and if in rush he has her give him fast bj to start his day.

  • My wife comes home and gives me a big hug and kiss after she gives him a bj she so Affectionate
    After she's been with him

  • Yes it is very hot we have a great marriage and I'm secure enough in my manhood that it does not bother me for her to sleep with black men it's what she's into who am I to take it away from her

  • I told my white wife that I want to see her f*** 2 black men and I watch. She has one black man but I want to see 2 or more f*** that tight white p****. She said that she would love to. Can't wait to see her taken by more than 1 black man. She loves to bareback and I would love to eat her out after they com.

  • Same here eat away!

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