Just Need a Meal Ticket

I am a female graduate student at a top 10 university studying physics. Honestly, I am starting to hate it. I hate being a student, and I'm growing disinterested in my research. I just want to marry a guy with a good job and pop out his kids, so long as he will take care of us. What's so wrong with cooking/cleaning/home-making? I do all that stuff now anyway, as I live on my own. Why not have someone else take care of rent and food, and I'll f*** him good to earn my keep :)

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  • On the next "Smart People Who Are Also Incredibly Stupid" :D

  • Lol rent

  • I want to sit around and do drugs all day listening to my MP3 player. I also want to be a gay p*** star. Kind of wasteful and unrealistic.

  • So you want to marry a guy for his money basically because your "Bored"... If you do.. I feel very bad for which ever guy you choose.

  • I'm sorry, but you women make me sick. As someone who is going after this PhD, I can't believe that women are talking about how they'd rather be home cleaning and watching soaps than make a difference in the world.

    I'm not saying being a mom isn't a hard job or not an acceptable one, but come on, do something with your lives! I plan on having kids and being a working mom. My mom did it and we turned out pretty damn good. I admired my mom for working so hard.

    If you want to stay at home, then just say that. I hate seeing comments saying, "I just want to make sandwiches and give my husband great s**!". You completely dishonor the women before us and what they worked to do. It's embarrassing and encourages sexism.

  • I am a guy and sometimes feel the same way too. I could support a family with a home, but not a mansion or a Mercedes in the drive. I just want to get married. Even if my career went great and I was rich I would trade it all for a nice small home and a wife and kids, as long as it was based on love and not just a need for a lifestyle. But don't forget, being a "good" wife and mother can be a tough job too. To really succeed at anything your heart has to be in it. If you are close to finishing school maybe you should just get it done. Hopefully things will happen when they are meant to.

  • Dont give up. Be a house wife part time. This country needs more people who are very knowledgeable in physics

  • Trust me I know what your talking about girl! I'm also in college and would much rather just be a housewife. I mean females fought for all this independence which is nice, but I much rather just cook clean while I listen to some music watch soap operas and wait for my man to come home-yes :(

  • Preach it girl! I feel like at my core I'm exactly what you just described, but at the same time I have something driving me to be wildly successful and obtain every dream that I feel like I'm supposed to accomplish. It's like there's a war between this and the life that is a huge impact on the world and people all over it. But I relish every time I get to do just that. Now if I could just find a man to cook for and make babies with. I just need the right one. ;) I can be a handful. :)

  • do not worry, the same as here...even confessed my bf several times that I want to be a housewife rather than finishing up this b***** phd...but he prefers having a housewife with a phd degree, which sounds more cool :S

  • I'm going to guess you are asian right?

  • Hah, no I'm Black so there's even more pressure on me to complete the degree (I'd be the first in my family with a PhD). But as the previous responder said, it's tempting to exchange a PhD for an MRS :P

  • I know exactly how you feel.

  • LOL. Go and get your MRS degree. Nothing wrong with that. But you know you can do it all. Maybe you need to take a semester off or have a semester abroad. Take a break and refocus on both finding a man and completing your degree.

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