Oral **

I often wondered why girls enjoy giving guys oral ** letting them ** in their mouths, then swallowing. The only way to find out is to try it. As I don’t know of anyone willing to let me try it, tonight I jerked off and came into a glass, twice, after a bit of thought poured the contents into my mouth, held it there tasting it, then swallowed it all down. Now I know what it’s like. I then fantasized what it must be like to have guy’s ** my mouth feeling him thrusting and climaxing in my mouth – on my list of things to do

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Losing Interest.

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  • I love the taste of **

  • It's the same as every other bodily fluid it depends entirely on dietary habits. Tell you guy to eat a mango daily on top of his regular fruit intake. If he doesn't like mangoes then have him eat a cup of pineapple. Also drink lots of 100% fruit juices.

  • Agreed. As much as I like giving blow jobs in terms of the **, thrusting stuff, ** does not taste good. I will avoid having it in my mouth at any time if I possibly can.

  • I heard it depends on what the guy eats

  • Here's a clue for both of you, women don't like swallowing a load. You've been watching too many porns.

  • Speaking for all women, are we?

    I personally enjoy giving head greatly, including swallowing.

  • I wondered the same thing myself. I finally had to know. I found a like-minded guy and we took turns sucking the other guy off. It's not something I'm drawn to very often, it's like 3% of my sexuality with the other 97% decidedly heterosexual. But it was definitely worth doing. Feeling a large 7 inch ** thrusting deep in my mouth, and feeling the ** blast out was really something. Now I know what my women experience. Had to know.

  • How do I approach a guy and ask him to allow me to ** him off?

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