Losing Interest.

I thought my boyfriend was a badass in the beginning.. It turned me on so much.. I would get giggly and blush... I realize now that he is just a sweet guy, pretending. And it's not a bad thing. Except. I know what I want. I want a guy to hold on to. I need someone to follow. I'm not strong enough to have a 50-50 relationship. I want a 40-60 or even a 30-60.. I want him to be in charge.. I love my boyfriend.. he's wonderful..why did he have to change.. I don't want to leave him.. I just want that uncertaintity back in our relationship..I want to be that giggly girl again..I want him to be unpredictable again..

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  • You realize that 30-60 isn't a full 100?

  • Hah, sorry, I do.. I suppose I was thinking of special right triangles..hahah..

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