I have this crazy obsession to suck my own c*** and c** in my mouth. I keep trying but haven't been able to yet. I'm geting close. I have jerked off when I'm close and shot on my face but I really want the tip in my mouth when i shoot.

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  • Youre just going to get a bad posture. There are much better things to use your time. Time is precious, do something worthwhile and constructive. Sucking your own d*** gets you knowhere. Try filling that out on a job application or a dating site. ¬_¬ ha


    you might want to check this out it might help might not but it is something

    it is a story but a lot of the authors know what they are talking about when they write these i have a feeling the author may have had this experience.

  • put your feet against the wall with a pillow under your neck and then crawl up the wall so that you can shoot into your mouth. Yoga helps too. Try the plow position. As your back becomes more limber, you should be able to the entire head in. Practice practice practice.

  • Every guy has tried. Most give up and just go with the hand.

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