My best friend's girl

I'm a pretty timid guy but I'm pretty well liked overall by most people I know. I'm 18 and a pretty average guy but I've never had a girlfriend and I'm quite sure that I am in fact straight. I've known my best friend since 3rd grade and we've remained friends since then. Over the last year or so he's been dating this girl and their relationship just looks so great.. I find myself incredibly jealous over what they have and it's not even about who's involved but honestly I just want even a fraction of that kind of relationship. I can't stand the fact that I want what they have so badly that it gets me down whenever I'm finished hanging out with them. These days I'm just feeling so lonely and what she stands for in this situation just drives me crazy...

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  • what's the worst a girl can say? "no"? unless she's a ** (who you probably don't want anyway), she'll try and be nice about it. Just keep asking. Somewhere there is a cute girl just dying for you to ask her out.

  • Ahhh..get out there and meet a girl. Go on a dating site, or meet someone at school. Ask her out!!! You can and will have what your friend has. It will happen for you. Just have to get out there. And don't get discouraged.

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