I confess that today at school, some guy in my class asked me to hold his necklace, and I agreed, thinking it was the gold chain with a cross around his neck. He pulled out a threaded pipe, handed it to me, and walked away. I didn't know what to do, so I quickly shoved it into my purse, too afraid to speak up and say no, too afraid someone saw and I was going to get caught. If someone did, I told myself, I was going to give him up right away...but would I? Would they even believe me? After tearing myself apart mentally for a few agonizingly silent minutes, I told him if it had anything in it, he was going to get it back. He told me it was clean, that he just got it...I've suffered many embarressments and sacrifices to keep myself above all of this s***, and suddenly it was just dropped into my lap. I spent the next three hours until school ended unable to breath, unable to concentrate, I don't know why I was so nervous. It was just a necklace...and as soon as the bell rang, I threw it at him and ran. How am I supposed to go back after that? I tried telling my friends afterwards...and the lying began. I said I had told him no, there was no way in h*** I would hold that for him...and who is there to tell now? I feel regret not only for lying, but for agreeing to this in the first place. I know it doesn't seem like an absolutely terrible thing...but I have worked to keep myself away the drugs and alcohol and everything like it my entire life. I've lost friends to ODing, and been pressed to try things more times than I can count. Not only have I commited a sin, I became a pushover...and I'm deathy afraid he'll ask me to do it again. How do I say no? What if I get caught with it? My 4.0 GPA suddenly won't matter if I get expelled or suspended...but this confession will modivate me to be stronger. If he asks again, I swear to God, as a redemption of my sins, that I will say no, and continue to remain abstinate from the things trying to drag me down.


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  • Take this as a learning experience.Next time just say no right off the bat.

    People like that don't care for anybody they just want to get high, they will let you take the fall for then and leave you hanging. I've seen it happen several times. Just say no right off the bat next time, knowing that they don't give a lick at all about you and you'll be okay.

  • I'm just gonna give you a whopping YAAA HOOOO! you go girl! be motivated by this. be better. use this as a jumping board to be more abstinent awesomeness.

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