You knew about him

You knew I was seeing him and we had been together sexually when you called me and wanted to get back together. You also knew he had a large ****, -everybody in our crowd did. It was just a part of him. Now it's over between him and me and he's moved to another state.
Let the past be the past., I'm with you now.

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  • Bet your popular with the guys now.

  • So he's jealous of the big c***? Is that it? The dude sounds insecure, paranoid and possessive.

  • well, I'm part of a crowd that's hung out since high school. Guys talk, and girls gossip, so a lot of my details are out there. I've gotten a few comments and snickers from the guys, but it really doesn't bother me. I liked, "Dave", when we started going out, and things just happened. I didn't pick his "size"., Thanks

  • But your current boyfriend obviously has issues with the other guy's healthy endowment. Why is he so bothered by that? I think you have a problem on your hands with that guy. On another note, did you enjoy the larger c***?

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