In the end, it doesn't even matter.

I know your reading, 'kennie'. I've decided I'm not going to stop writing until you read this, or another post. Do you remember last summer? We uncorked a bottle of champagne and a glass of kaluiia. Tell me, Kennie. What happened, what went wrong. Please why can't you tell me. Do you remember the endless nights spent together. Staring at the stars wondering of the afterlife? Do you remember. Do you remember everyday after school my voice on the phone? The days spent playing mw2 endless laughs? Do you remember my voice anymore? Who I am? How much I cared why can you throw me away? No. I won't reach out this time. There is no room for me anymore. Not for me to call out. I know somewhere life got caught inbetwwen drugs, lies, and a loss of something. I've pulled myself together after you betrayed me. This is meant for you, this is meant for your eyes, something you'll never see. I can't reach out, for reasons you cant understand. Tell me, do you remember the times we left the house and went downtown, do you remember? Do you remember what we went through, yet we still fixed things. We overcame out differences. When I look around my room I started to realize I have erased you. There isn't a trace of you left her in my present life, it's gone. Missing. Just tell me before I move on completely before your just a distance dream I can block out. What happened.

Jun 25, 2011

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  • I had a Ken, He broke my heart like no one else ever had....I wish I knew what had happened too.

  • I know what your going through, sometimes there is only one person alive out there who can bond a friendship that no one else can possibly understand. This commenter above, is sad an pathetic himself. He doesn't understand, cannot fathom the pain.

  • You are sounding real pathetic. Also, it sounds like a f***** up relationship anyway. Why is it so hard for you to let go?

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