I am a cuckold

I am a cuckold.
When I was engaged to my wife I had heard she was cheating on me. So I started checking up on her. I hid down the street from her house after I dropped her off. And sure enough she would come out after a guy would pull up. She would get into his car and often kiss the guy. One night she kissed him and then her head went strait to his lap. he must have had his c*** out and waiting for her. I still didn't confront her. I started following them when she went with the guy that picked her up the most often. They went to what I figured was his apartment. After a few times one night my telephone rang. It was Missey. She told me that she exactly where I was and to stay right there she would be right out. It was winter and she came out with her coat on and high heels. She got into my car and started telling me that she knew I had been following her and watching her for weeks. She asked me to listen while she explained. She said that she loves me and still wants to marry me but that I can't get her off. And that if we get married it was going to be like this. It would be right to f*** guys. Then she opened her coat and howen me she was nude under her coat. She told me that this guy Max was f****** her and hse was sucking his c*** and they were having a real good time. I was heart broken but I also had a h****** at the same time. She leaned over and kissed me and asked if I would like to come in and watch. I sheepishly agreed. As soon as she was inside she took her coat off and intoduced us. I was then given a chair and told I could watch him have s** with her. I could see why he thrilled her He was hanndsome and well built and with a 8 inch c***. Twice the size of mine. he could also f*** for a real long time without cuming. When they were all through Missey told me to come over to the bed. She then instructed me to eat her p**** clean. I guess I figured since I already agreed to watching him f*** her I just might as well.

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  • Being a cuckold is not about wanting your attractive wife going out with other men. It's about loving and understanding her human positive responses to the lot of men that hit on her all the time.

  • I am a 56 husband end my wife f*** whith my best friend from four years. i like share her with my friend e and i exciting to watch her f*** in your bed. when she came i like m********* and clean the c** .

  • Hi,
    There is no shame in being a cuckold. Cuckoldry involves the highest form of pure adult s** and its quite natural. Even historical texts have stated cuckoldry was prevalent in those times.
    I am a cuckold and my father was a cuckold too. We are fortunate to have lived in this lifestyle and have a female lead relationship and marriage.

  • Aney whomen like her i will ready to marry her

  • Hi i am a cockold but i am still un married ther is aney problem after marrying with my wife

  • About 50 years ago I told my 22 year old wife I wanted to share her with others. Within a year she was had by her first other man. During the next 12 years she was had by 40 others but almost invariably she was remoseful the next day. A combination of her youth and her mother's religion seemed to haunt her afterwards but by the time another opportunity came along she was back to being her normal flirty self.
    My next wife was had by one other fellow while we were in Las Vegas but she was too nervous to really participate in the life even though I saw her being felt up by a fellow worker at a company party.
    My present wife is the woman I should have been with all my life. I told her on our first date that she would be shared with others (later I learned that I was right about her promiscuous nature) and within a month I had a friend come over to do her. It is hot to see how easily she is turned on when she knows another man with a h****** wants her.

  • You must be proud that your wife is used by your friends. That is real love.

  • I was also a cuckold. I had pestered my wife about a year to date others and told her it would be as exciting for me as her. My wife agreed to see other men only after I learned that she had been having s** with a coworker. She didn't want us to break up.

    This continued for about eight years. We met other couples during this time who were also in a cuckolding relationship. We learned that in time both lose interest as they age. There isn't any particular age that is common to all couples. We were only 29 when we began but, though our having met swingers at a nudist park during that time, met couples as old as 60 who told us about their current or former cuckold lives. Most couples lose interest in their late 30s or early 40s. Some don't. In our case, we fell away from cuckolding while in our 30s.

  • Every couple that we knew into cuckolding ended up getting divorced as a direct result of cuckolding. My wife's best friend married a guy whose wife left him for one of her lovers. He trusted her enough to have s** with other guys but it seems that she wanted a husband who loved her enough to not want to share her to satisfy his sexual fetish.

  • My wife dumped me because Although I sucked her bulls c*** I wouldn't let him f*** my ass. My mother in law even knew that I was a cuck. She eventually saw my tiny c*** and said she knew why her daughter was s******* other men. I finally let a guy f*** my ass thinking I could get my wife back but it was too late. My mother in law caught my wife s******* a guy in our bed. My wife just told her that I was ok with it and not to worry. I didn't know she was s******* guys while I was at work. I sure wish we would have stayed together I loved watching her s****.

  • Wife started to cuckold me 4 years after we got married, we have been married for over 20 years and counting. Over 20 years as a cuckold husband and we still love each other and our lifestyle!

  • I find just the opposite is true. But there are rules. One is husband brings the men. Most men find this adds to the humiliation. One wife who was ultra sub and loved me dominating her while her husband watched. He found me through a network of people who knew about me training wives. I made him take us to a hotel bar and she picked out two men and he had to approach them. Her best night was at a convention at a nearby hotel where she met the president of a company. He paid to watch her whipped by me and then customer after customer was brought to her. Husband did clean up. This sort of activity is more common. Cuckold marriages that fail tend to be those where the wife goes off by herself.

  • You r lucky dude...i will love this happen to me

  • Wonderful ....marry her then you can watch her f****** guys in your bed.

  • So you have a little wiener. Go find a chick with a tiny p****. This b**** needs to have the s*** kicked out of her.

  • Man, you should have some self-respect. If you want to watch couples doing it, they shouldn't be your wife and some douchebag. I think you should dump her, because later she will start to take YOUR money and give it to him...


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