Has anyone else do anything like this?

Okay here goes nothing, but i got to get this off my chest & maybe see if anyone has done anything similar. So here goes.. I m********* with my best friend, and we're both guys. We started when we were 13 and after about a year of doing it our 2 other friends started to join in. The four of us still m********* together & we're now all 18. We are all straight & have had GF's orstill have GF's. It's been our secret since we started & we've never been busted. So are we freaks for having our weekly gatherings for what i can best describe as our masturbating club? Would love to hear views &opinions. I would give more detail but this is my first time & i'm not sure what is allowed to be posted.

Jun 27, 2011

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  • I know at 2 male friends who had this experience as teens. They weren't messed up by it or anything but sadly it did ruin their friendships in the end. As they are adults now and cant look at each other without feeling embarrassed. Even by talking to one about the other in general convo makes him uneasy. Sad. I see nothing wrong with it.

  • Totally normal. No worries.

  • I'm sorry bit you are all very sick masturbation should be private and definitely should be done by either you or your S O if you do this and feelok about it then you need to get your head checked women your okay guys your messed up

  • No big deal. A little c********** is nothing to worry about.

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